22 April 2018

Switched from iOS to Android and I am loving it!

It's been a while since the last time I posted an article on my blog and I am very happy to announce that I began writing again to share with you my observations, experiences and opinions about technology specifically, mobile technology. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a tech expert. I am only an average person who is so passionate about tech but wasn't able to pursue a career that is in line with information technology because I felt this passion alive when I almost finish my Engineering degree. Nevertheless, I can definitely say that I am happy with my current profession because it's financially rewarding and it has made me travel three countries already. I am blogging again because I have so much spare time after work and I think binging Netflix and watching Youtube videos are becoming less exciting already. So now (and in the coming weeks), I will be focusing more on writing.

28 July 2017

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Apple seeded iOS 11 Public Beta 3: New Icons for Contacts, Notes and Reminders

Apple just seeded the third public version of the iOS 11 Beta software. I am keeping track of the iOS 11 Beta software development and its release dates to monitor the trend for future reference, and here's the update so far:

iOS 11 Beta Release Dates:
iOS 11 Developer Beta 1 - June 5th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 - June 21st
iOS 11 Public Beta 1 - June 26th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 3 - July 10th
iOS 11 Public Beta 2 - July 12th 
iOS 11 Developer Beta 4 - July 24th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3 - July 25th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3

21 July 2017

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Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP Headset Review

When it comes to finding the right headset, there are several factors that we need to consider before we settle for the right type and brand. Thus, using our favorite search engine, we tend to search for help from others who could give us honest reviews of the headset/s that we are hoping to buy. Product reviews give us ideas about how a specific device functions according to its technical specifications and other non-technical aspects that matters.
Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP Headset

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