03 May 2018

Customize your Android phone and turn it into Google Pixel 2!

Turn your S8+ into something similar to Pixel. Watch the videos below to know how :)

By the way, this is the very first time I'm blogging via a video upload. i hope you'll like it.

24 April 2018

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How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?

When I left Philippines for a contractual job in Saudi Arabia, I was supposed to activate my roaming service at least 24 hours before my flight. However, I forgot to do it the day before my flight and I tried to activate it only two hours before my departure but to no avail, I didn't receive any responses from Globe. Because my activation request is too late already, it wasn't activated until I arrived at the kingdom. When I arrived, I said to myself, "the struggle is real talaga" because in this new environment and culture, securing a SIM card is not as easy as I ever thought. It would take a lot of time and effort, not to mention the need of a residence ID called Iqama which is a primary requirement in securing a SIM card here in Saudi Arabia. I was totally disconnected to the world for almost one week. Thanks to my newly found friends who happened to be my workmates as well, they shared their data connectivity to me for me to be able to connect to the internet. Five months since I arrived here at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all is well now and I am thriving because I have already my Iqama and I already survived my culture shock.

28 July 2017

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Apple seeded iOS 11 Public Beta 3: New Icons for Contacts, Notes and Reminders

Apple just seeded the third public version of the iOS 11 Beta software. I am keeping track of the iOS 11 Beta software development and its release dates to monitor the trend for future reference, and here's the update so far:

iOS 11 Beta Release Dates:
iOS 11 Developer Beta 1 - June 5th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 - June 21st
iOS 11 Public Beta 1 - June 26th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 3 - July 10th
iOS 11 Public Beta 2 - July 12th 
iOS 11 Developer Beta 4 - July 24th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3 - July 25th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3

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