BPI Expressmobile App: a comprehensive walk-through.

The BPI Express Mobile* app has been very useful to me since when I installed it on my smartphone 3 years ago. Until now, I still use this app whenever i do transactions online.

With BPI app, it is just a matter of few taps to your smartphone's touchscreen and you'll have access to your BPI account wherein you can check your real-time balance, pay your bills and transfer funds to any BPI accounts even if you can't go to the bank. Transacting online is less of a hassle and you can do the transactions 24/7 unlike going to the brick-and-mortar branches which usually opens from 9am to 5pm

BPI app features (not logged in)

Branch/ATM Locator
Using your smartphone, tablet or phablet's built-in GPS receiver, you will be able to know the locations of the nearest BPI Branches and ATMs wherever you are. Just make sure the device your are using is connected to the internet.

In this section of the app, you will see the latest promo offerings of BPI depending on the card type/service you availed. 

FX Rates
You will be redirected to BPI website containing the ForEx rates.

BPI app features (when logged in)

When you successfully logged in to your account, the app will show you the current balance of your account. It will also show you the available balance of your other accounts if in case you have multiple accounts linked to the app. If you linked your BPI credit card, it will also be shown here.

When you tap on your account (i.e. savings, checking, credit card, etc), you will see two tabs, one for your account details and the other one for your transactions history.

In is section, you will have the options to transfer funds to your own account, transfer to third party account and to transfer to anyone.

Transfer to own- transfer your funds from one personal account to another account e.g. transferring your payroll to your savings account.

Transfer to 3rd Party- this requires pre-enrolment of third party accounts (e.g. the accounts of your siblings and parents). To pre-enrol, you must visit the branch where you opened the account and fill up the required application form together with your signature card.

The screenshot below shows my pre-enrolled BPI e-Cash card which I use to purchase apps in iTunes, and to do several transactions with merchants online that accept MasterCard.

Transfer to anyone- this is my favorite feature of the BPI app. This enables me to transfer funds to anyone 24/7. But for you to be able to use this feature, you must first activate your device. To activate, just tap "Transfer to Anyone" and you'll be asked to activate Funds Transfer to Anyone and tap "Yes". 

After confirming your request for activation, you will receive an email from BPI containing the summary of your registration details and the steps on how to activate the app on your device.

Once activated in any BPI ATM, you will again receive an email from BPI containing the activation code you need to activate "Transfer to Anyone" on your device. Enter the activation code and voila! you have successfully activated "Transfer to Anyone" which is a very useful feature you will realize later on. You may now start transferring funds 24/7 without further ado.

This section of the app gives you the options to pay from deposit or credit card and reload cash cards and even mobile phones enrolled in your account.

This section is where you manage your enrolled BPI Investment Account.

And many more features that may be helpful to you depending on the type of transactions you do with your BPI Account.

I hope this comprehensive walk-through of BPI Express Mobile official app will help you decide weather you install the app or even open an account with BPI to enjoy the good services they offer. 

*BPI Express Mobile app is available in Appstore and Google Play for free. 

Update: June 28,2017

I updated some search tags for this post after moving from blogspot sud-domain to a custom domain name, tokitechie.com. The original contents weren't change. -Toki

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