27 July 2014


Windows keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word and Web Browsers listed.

Windows has a lot of shortcuts available to help you do your tasks easier. But memorizing all those shortcuts is not as easy as you think. To help you decide which among the  hundreds of Windows keyboard shortcuts are worth memorizing, refer to the following lists.


26 July 2014

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How to prolong your smartphone, tablet, phablet and laptop's battery life?

Most of the latest smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops and pretty much every consumer electronic device use lithium-ion batteries. From the well established electronic device-makers Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, Motorola, Asus, to the booming homegrown local brands Cherry Mobile, Starmobile , MyPhone and Cloudphone, etc ., they use almost exactly the same type of battery which is the source of life for your device. Regardless of the brand, your device’s battery needs to be taken care of to prolong its lifespan and efficiency.

Lithium-ion batteries are common in consumer electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics, with a high energy density, no memory effect, and only a slow loss of charge when not in use.

Here are the useful tips compiled from different sources to keep your lithium-ion battery healthy:

1. Before first use, apply a full charge to your device. Typically lithium-ion devices are pre-charged to about 50% capacity.

2. Keep your batteries at room temperature.
Heat is the largest contributing factor when it comes to reducing lithium-ion battery life. You have to keep your batteries at room temperature which ranges between 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. A room temperature is when the air feels neither hot nor cold. Prevent storage in a hot car and never freeze a battery.

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How do I recover archived email from Gmail on my iPhone?

Having an instant access to my Yahoo and Google mailboxes is very important especially at work where communication with different trades involved in our construction project is mostly done via e-mail. Even if  I'm not in front of my PC at work,  I can monitor and respond to the communication between me, our client and the different trade contractors involved in the project using the mail app in my iPhone. There is one time that I accidentally archived an important e-mail with the latest construction plan attached to it. I needed to present it to my project manager but we didn't have access to the internet on PC so the only way i could show it to him is download it from from Gmail mailbox to my iPhone. Since i accidentally archived it, I can't see it on my inbox. Good thing I knew what to do to retrieve it back to my Gmail's inbox.

Here are the steps:

1. On your iPhone Mail app, go to "All Inboxes" view.

25 July 2014

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iOS8 beta 4 New features: Smarter Dictation, Redesigned Control Panel Interface, Mail Swipe Gestures and More!

iOS fans and developers who are so keen about having a firsthand experience of iOS 8 must be pleased because the fourth beta version of the much anticipated iOS 8 is released for testing.

To give you a recap of the previous iOS 8 beta version release dates, take a look at the timeline below:
  • iOS 8 beta 1 – release date: June 2, 2014 9am PDT or June 3, 2014 12:00am PHT
  • iOS 8 beta 2 – release date: June 18, 2014 9am PDT or June 19, 2014 12:00am PHT
  • iOS 8 beta 3 – release date: July 8,2014 9am PDT or July 9, 2104 12:00am PHT
  • iOS 8 beta 4 – release date: July 21,2014 9am PDT or July 22, 2104 12:00am PHT
Now that iOS8 is on its fourth beta stage, it’s about six weeks before its Golden Master build will be released to the general public as a free update from iOS 7.1.2.

Here's a preview for some of the changes and new features added to iOS 8 beta 4.

iOS8 beta 4 brings a new app called "Tips". It provides quick tips and tutorials about iOS features.


The iOS dictation feature is getting smarter! 
It shows your words being transcribed almost in real-time as you say them rather than waiting for an entire message to be complete before displaying text.

Redesigned Control Center
The black borders around the icons on the top and bottom are removed. The broken lines separating the icons are also removed. when an icon is activated on the control panel, it will turn white.

Swipe left and swipe right gestures in the Mail app can be assigned to different functions in the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars section of the Settings app. This is now my favorite feature. At first try, I accidentally archived some of my important mails by swiping the e-mail header to the left. Good thing, I was able to put it back to my inbox.

There is a new Home Data icon in the Privacy section of the Settings app

Bug Reporter
The Bug Reporter app that came installed by default in previous betas has been removed. On the previous beta versions, bug reporter resides in the Notification Center. It's a good sign that the succeeding beta versions are less buggy than the first three iOS 8 betas.

Handoff and Suggested Apps
There are new options in the Setting app to toggle Handoff on and off. There's also a new section that allows users to toggle on Suggested Apps, which offer app suggestions relevant to location. 

Safari Bookmarks
The icon for Bookmarks within Safari has been tweaked slightly. In the image below, the new version is on the top and the old version is on the bottom.

Keyboard Settings
The option to toggle on the QuickType keyboard within the Keyboard section of the Settings app is now labeled as "Predictive" instead of "QuickType."

Spotlight Search
There are new options to remove Voice Memos and Bing Web Results from Spotlight Search in the Settings app.

Emoji Keyboard Icon has a happier smiley face!

Recently Deleted items show the days remaining before it will be automatically deleted.

The new features listed above are just some of the known features added to iOS 8 beta 4. There are more features and changes yet undiscovered. If you found some, please contribute to this blog by posting it on the comment box below. Thanks :)

Apple does not recommend owners to use the Beta for personal everyday use due to potential bugs. So if you can't wait until its public release, use it at your own risk.

The iOS 8 Beta releases can be downloaded over-the-air (OTA) and via Apple's developer portal, for compatible devices.

I am so delighted by iOS8 beta 4. Only a few installed apps hung up while my frequently used apps work perfectly fine. I decided to keep it to my phone since the battery performance dramatically improved compare to the previous iOS betas. I so love the QuickType (now called Predictive on the keyboard setting) because it's very useful. It records my frequently used terms even our local language and dialects are smartly recorded.  It doesn't let you finish typing the words that you want to type because it intelligently suggest the relevant words you need which is a very useful feature. Just type the first few letters and Predictive will do the rest for you. You too will love it!

19 July 2014

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How to Pay MERALCO Bills Through BPI Expressonline?

When I started paying our MERALCO bills online, I no longer experienced waiting in long queues in payment centers just to pay our bills. Going to the payment center is a little time consuming but paying your bills online at the comfort of your home can save you time. With the steps provided below, I’ll guide you how to enroll your MERALCO account to your BPI account so that by just using the internet, you’ll experience the convenience of BPI Expressonline and Expressmobile’s 24/7 bills payment service.

How to register your MERALCO Bill in your BPI Expressonline account?

1. Log-in to your BPI Expressonline account. –If in case you haven’t registered your BPI Direct or BPI Family Savings account on BPI Expressonline, you need to register by clicking or tapping on this link.

2. Enroll your Meralco Bill by going to
Payments and Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills.

18 July 2014

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Ingress- Google's popular location-based augmented reality game now comes to iOS!

Ingress is a near-real time augmented reality multiplayer online game created by Niantic Labs, a startup within Google. It has been downloaded more than 4 million times on Android, and has featured events in 65 different cities. It launched on Android in December 15, 2013 and it was officially made available for iOS users on July 14, 2014.

The new iOS version of the game will work cross-platform so that you can play with the existing community on Android. 

The gameplay consists of establishing "portals" at places of public art, landmarks, cenotaphs, etc., and linking

15 July 2014

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PhoneTrans- a freeware that makes transferring iTunes content a piece of a cake.

Managing multimedia files on iTunes is a bit tedious. It would take time to transfer contents that you add to your device's iTunes library because the normal procedure requires creating a backup of your iDevice everytime you make changes to iTunes and that's a little time consuming. You wish of an alternative software that could speed up the process specially when you transfer just a few tracks on your iDevice but using iTunes seems to be the only way

To address the issue that was mentioned above, there is a software called PhoneTrans which can help you easily transfer contents from your iPhone/iPad/iPod (or simply iDevice) to your PC or vice versa. It was also created by iMobi, the company which created PhoneClean.

What is PhoneTrans?

PhoneTrans is the only Freeware made to transfer iPhone contents to/from PC such as Music, Apps, Movies, Ringtones, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV shows, Audiobook, Music Videos, Voice memos,etc. It

Pinoy app "iTyphoon" keeps track of typhoons in the Philippines

iTyphoon is a seasonable app that provides free typhoon updates to Filipinos and to the world. For Filipinos, this app is what you need especially today that typhoon Glenda is expected to landfall in NCR based on the early reports from PAG-ASA, the official weather bureau of the Philippines. According to the latest updates (using the app), the typhoon continues to strengthen while still over the Philippine Sea and will landfall in Albay-Southern Camarines Sur  this evening.

iTyphoon app gives weather forecast of the next 72 hours.  

13 July 2014


PhoneClean- your solution to remove unwanted files from your iOS Device.

I learned that your iOS device stores a lot of unwanted files that build up to your iDevice's storage over time. Those unwanted files are mostly temp files, failed sync files, scripts, system usage reports, app crash log files, etc. The size of the allocated storage for those files could be seen on the "Other" section of the device storage status when you connect your iDevice in iTunes. You need to delete those junk files to free up some space and to tune up your iDevice. Unfortunately, there are no options available on your iDevice to delete those junk files. Even when using iTunes, you couldn't delete those files as well. I learned that to be able to get access and to modify those files, you need to use a special program created to perform that specific task. A software called PhoneClean now comes under the spotlight to address that issue.

What is PhoneClean?
PhoneClean is a Mac/Windows software created specifically to dig out the most overlooked but storage consuming junks that was built up over time. PhoneClean will thoroughly scan your iDevice to find and list messages, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches, and all your private content and will give you a report in what files you can safely delete.


10 July 2014

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iOS6 Classic Lockscreen brought back to iOS7!

Ten months after iOS 7 was released to the public, users have started getting used to the changes in iOS's user-interface. However, there are still many iphone users, who still prefer to have the iOS 6 lock screen on their iPhones while using iOS7.

Note that Apple has stopped signing earlier versions of iOS. While you have an updated version of iOS 7, technically you cannot revert your iOS back to iOS 6.

There is an app called LSBuddy that will bring back the look of the classic iOS6 lockscreen on your iOS7 device.By setting custom wallpapers generated by the app, you get the nostalgia of using earlier versions of iOS but not the functionalities of the actual iOS 6 lock screen.

Take note that by using this app, you really are not changing iOS 7 lockscreen; you are just creating custom
wallpapers to mimic the look of iOS 6 for your iOS 7 device.

What is LSBuddy?

LSBuddy offers a massive selection of stunning HD wallpapers. To match your chosen wallpaper(s), you can select a lock screen style from a wide variety of choices from retro and classic to modern styles that will suit your mood. The chosen wallpaper will be saved together with the customized wallpaper so you can have both.

Here is a preview of the lock screens available in the app: 

Retro / Classic Styles (Free)

Pro Styles (Freemium Only)

The developers of the app describe LockScreen Buddy or LSBuddy as the first original app on the AppStore designed specifically to help you create a customized wallpaper for your iOS 7 device's lockscreen. It is available in AppStore for free (with ads) and you need to upgrade to "Freemium" for only $0.99 (42.57php) to remove ads and get access to premium features such as the "Pro Wallpapers" and "Pro Styles". 

Here's my current lockscreen: 

How about yours? You can post your screen shots on the comment box below.

09 July 2014

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Apple's iOS 8 beta 3 released to registered developers-- new tweaks,newUI refinement, new wallpapers.

Three weeks after the release of iOS 8 beta 2, Apple has released iOS 8 beta 3 to the developers on July 7,2014 9:00am PDT (July 8, 2014 12am Philippine Time). Most of iOS 8’s major features were announced at WWDC, but Apple has been slowly and refining the UI of the new OS ahead of its release in September.

If you’re looking to try out iOS 8 beta 3, you will firstly need to be a member of Apple’s Developers Program, which costs $99 per year.

What's new in  iOS 8 beta 3?

The following are some of the latest  changes and/or additions to iOS 8 beta 3.

QuickType Keyboard - you can now turn QuickType on or off  in Settings  > General > Keyboards

iCloud Drive - there’s a new popup window giving users the option to upgrade to iCloud Drive for the first time.

04 July 2014

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iPhone 6 Rumor Mill- new screen size(s), storage and release date.

The rumors surfacing the internet about the next-generation iPhones excite a lot of regular iPhone users and non-users. Because of the introduction of iPhone's bigger display size(s), for me, this is another important milestone in Apple's annual release of new iPhone models.

Rumor 101: It was rumored that the display of the next-gen smartphones of Apple will be bigger than the 4.0" screen of the current iPhone 5/5C/5S. This speculation seems to be true since numerous leaked images of the supposed iPhone 6 mock-up can validate the rumors. The images below are the rumored shell of the iPhone 6.

03 July 2014

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App Review: Spotify- the best music streaming app to date.

Spotify is now available in the Philippines!
The world's most popular music streaming service, Spotify, was officially launched in the Philippines on April 8, 2014 and teamed up with Globe Telecom as its exclusive telecommunications partner.

With Spotify app, you can listen to any song, album or artist, on any device, for free! The basic service is free (with ads) but users can upgrade to Spotify Premium for 120php per month which removes the ads and gives them more access to features and services that are not available on basic account. With Globe's exclusive partnership with Spotify, existing GoSurf postpaid subscribers get Spotify Premium free of charge.

Spotify Premium Features

1. With Spotify Premium, you'll enjoy an unbeatable music experience: listen to whatever music you want,