How to Pay MERALCO Bills Through BPI Expressonline?

When I started paying our MERALCO bills online, I no longer experienced waiting in long queues in payment centers just to pay our bills. Going to the payment center is a little time consuming but paying your bills online at the comfort of your home can save you time. With the steps provided below, I’ll guide you how to enroll your MERALCO account to your BPI account so that by just using the internet, you’ll experience the convenience of BPI Expressonline and Expressmobile’s 24/7 bills payment service.

How to register your MERALCO Bill in your BPI Expressonline account?

1. Log-in to your BPI Expressonline account. –If in case you haven’t registered your BPI Direct or BPI Family Savings account on BPI Expressonline, you need to register by clicking or tapping on this link.

2. Enroll your Meralco Bill by going to
Payments and Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills.

3. Fill out the enrolment form by providing the required information.

(a) Select Source Account (Your ATM Number) - the source account is where the amount to be paid will be debited.The Joint Account Indicator is the 2-digit number in the lower right side of your atm.

(b) Choose Manila Electric Company (MERALC) from the company Name.

(c) Input the reference number - Use the second to eleventh characters of the ATM / Phone Reference No. which is located on the lower left side of your MERALCO Bill. 

(d) Once completed, click Submit button.

5. A confirmation page appears after a successful enrollment which serves as the reference of your transaction. You can now pay your bills immediately!

How to pay your MERALCO Bill using BPI Expressonline?

1. Go to Payments and Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Pay Bills Today

2. Select MERALC.

3. Enter the exact amount of your bill.

4. From My Account, choose the enrolled account you use to pay your bill.

5. Put the additional reference number which is the last 5-digit numbers of your ATM / Phone Reference No. The additional reference number changes every month so make sure you input the correct reference number according to the month of bill you are going to pay.

6. Click submit and you're done! You will receive a confirmation email of the transaction.

You can also pay your MERALCO Bills using BPI Expressmobile App. 

How to pay your MERALCO Bill using BPI Expressmobile official App?

1. Log-in to your BPI expressonline account. 

2. Select "Pay/Reload" tab.

3.  Choose "Pay From Deposit"

4. Select "MERALC" from the list of biller accounts enrolled on your BPI Expressonline account.

5. Enter the required Additional Reference No. This will be the last 5 characters of your MERALCO Bill's ATM / Phone Reference No.

6. Confirm your payment details.

7. A confirmation page will appear after a successful transaction.

8. You're done! A confirmation message will be sent to your registered e-mail address. 

Now that you already know how to pay your bills using BPI Expressonline and Expressmobile App, it's time to use your precious time into something productive like doing what you love to do such as blogging, reading your favorite book or going out to the mall with your loved ones.

NOTE: The procedures listed above are also applicable when paying other utility bills such as your cable and telephone bills, Manila Water bill, insurance premiums, etc. Just enroll the appropriate biller codes in your BPI Expressmobile account by going to Payments and Reloading -> Bills Payment -> Enroll All Other Bills.

Since your are dealing with financial transactions online, memorize your log-in information to avoid inconvenience. Avoid sharing your usernames and passwords with anyone to avoid unauthorized access to our account.

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