iOS6 Classic Lockscreen brought back to iOS7!

Ten months after iOS 7 was released to the public, users have started getting used to the changes in iOS's user-interface. However, there are still many iphone users, who still prefer to have the iOS 6 lock screen on their iPhones while using iOS7.

Note that Apple has stopped signing earlier versions of iOS. While you have an updated version of iOS 7, technically you cannot revert your iOS back to iOS 6.

There is an app called LSBuddy that will bring back the look of the classic iOS6 lockscreen on your iOS7 device.By setting custom wallpapers generated by the app, you get the nostalgia of using earlier versions of iOS but not the functionalities of the actual iOS 6 lock screen.

Take note that by using this app, you really are not changing iOS 7 lockscreen; you are just creating custom
wallpapers to mimic the look of iOS 6 for your iOS 7 device.

What is LSBuddy?

LSBuddy offers a massive selection of stunning HD wallpapers. To match your chosen wallpaper(s), you can select a lock screen style from a wide variety of choices from retro and classic to modern styles that will suit your mood. The chosen wallpaper will be saved together with the customized wallpaper so you can have both.

Here is a preview of the lock screens available in the app: 

Retro / Classic Styles (Free)

Pro Styles (Freemium Only)

The developers of the app describe LockScreen Buddy or LSBuddy as the first original app on the AppStore designed specifically to help you create a customized wallpaper for your iOS 7 device's lockscreen. It is available in AppStore for free (with ads) and you need to upgrade to "Freemium" for only $0.99 (42.57php) to remove ads and get access to premium features such as the "Pro Wallpapers" and "Pro Styles". 

Here's my current lockscreen: 

How about yours? You can post your screen shots on the comment box below.

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