PhoneClean- your solution to remove unwanted files from your iOS Device.

I learned that your iOS device stores a lot of unwanted files that build up to your iDevice's storage over time. Those unwanted files are mostly temp files, failed sync files, scripts, system usage reports, app crash log files, etc. The size of the allocated storage for those files could be seen on the "Other" section of the device storage status when you connect your iDevice in iTunes. You need to delete those junk files to free up some space and to tune up your iDevice. Unfortunately, there are no options available on your iDevice to delete those junk files. Even when using iTunes, you couldn't delete those files as well. I learned that to be able to get access and to modify those files, you need to use a special program created to perform that specific task. A software called PhoneClean now comes under the spotlight to address that issue.

What is PhoneClean?
PhoneClean is a Mac/Windows software created specifically to dig out the most overlooked but storage consuming junks that was built up over time. PhoneClean will thoroughly scan your iDevice to find and list messages, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches, and all your private content and will give you a report in what files you can safely delete.


PhoneClean is available in free version and in paid version (Pro). The free version scans your iDevice for junk files but you cannot delete those files until you upgrade to Pro. The paid version (Pro) is worth $19.99 for one year subscription, support and upgrade; $29.99 worth of personal license with lifetime usage, support and free upgrade; and $39.99 worth of family license with lifetime usage, support and free upgrade .

Good news! 
After reading reviews from several tech blogs about this software, I found a legitimate iMobi advertisement that's giving away FREE license codes trough "pay with a tweet" link. I installed the software to three Windows computers to try if the license will work on three computers all at the same time. It works! It was stated on the License Note that the free license code is for lifetime use of the current version of PhoneClean. Get it now and save up to $39.99!

Download PhoneClean here:

PhoneClean Pro License Code: GFZO-LNQD-MNHJ-FBOU-TDZE

License notes:
1. The license code above is NFR (not for resale) one and all rights are reserved by iMobie Inc.
2. It's full functional and for life-time use of the current version.
3. Each license code works for both PC and Mac.
4. No free upgrade and technical support is available.

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