30 August 2014


How to get free unlimited LTE internet connection on your iPhone and Android Phone?

I saw a thread in symbianize.com forum where a member posted steps on how to bug Smart LTE sim and take advantage of the free Smart LTE internet connection. I haven't tried it yet but many feedbacks coming from different subscribers claim that the trick really works.

To do this, you need a Smart LTE SIM, 50php load and a smartphone (i.e.  iPhone or Android phone).

Apple confirmed event on September 9, 2014! Announcement of iOS 8 public release date is expected.

Apple confirmed the rumored media event on September 9, 2014. In the beginning of this month, it has been rumored on numerous tech blog sites that Apple is going to conduct a media event for the launching of the upcoming iPhone 6 which is larger than the screen sizes of the most recent iPhone models: iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. On this event, Apple is also going to announce the release date of iOS 8 which is expected to be released one week after the event. There is a possibility that Apple will also announce their version of wearable gadget which is a smartwatch. Currently, this rumored smartwatch by Apple is dubbed iWatch by most of the tech bloggers and it's going to be running iOS 8 with deep integration to your iPhone using the Health Kit app.

What do you feel about the upcoming event?

25 August 2014


How to link BPI My e-Prepaid Mastercard® to iTunes and Appstore?

On this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of adding your BPI My e-Prepaid MasterCard® to your Appstore and iTunes account directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Make sure you are connected to the internet to do this.

1. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store.

24 August 2014


Photo Sphere app now available to iOS users. Share the world in 360º!

If you are familiar with Google Street View, Photo Sphere panoramic images are similar to the images generated when you use the Street View feature of Google Earth and Google Maps.

What is Photo Sphere?

We are all familiar with the Panorama feature which is present in most of the digital cameras of today. A panorama captures a wide-angle view of a scene by smoothly merging multiple photographs into a single continuous photo strip. Generally, the coverage of a typical panoramic strip is linear; which means it only captures images along one axis.

Photo Sphere takes this concept to a whole new level. Instead of focusing only on the line of sight, a Photo Sphere tends to capture the entire 3D world around you. It consists of a series of photographs merged together to form a complete 3D environment. In fact, you can actually navigate along the image in full 360 degrees. A Photo Sphere captures the world in your own perspective – a sphere of the surroundings with you at the center!

22 August 2014

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Swing Copters- the hardest mobile game ever created!

Dong Nguyen releases a follow-up game to his hit and addictive Flappy Bird game. This game is called Swing Copters and believe it or not, it is much more difficult than Flappy Bird. Swing Copters' gameplay orientation is vertical. Your goal is to reach to the top, unlock more characters by getting medals and avoid touching the platforms and the swinging hammers. Sounds very easy but once you get a hands-on experience of the game, it'll drive you insane.

Warning: This game is not suitable for impatient and short-termpered people. 

20 August 2014


Long Term Evolution Advance (LTE-A) is now running in the Philippines via Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom powers up LTE-Advance also known as 5G Network starting this month. This is the second time Smart introduces high-speed data connectivity to the country as it brought 4G network to the country two years ago.

LTE-A delivers data with download speed ranging from 100Mbps up to a swift 1GB per second! Say you want to download an 8MB track from iTunes, it'll take less than a second to download. With LTE-A, streaming full HD videos in YouTube is least likely to buffer. Connecting to the world using LTE-A is instantaneous! Perfect for impatient web surfers who often download huge amount of data. 
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Apple seeded iOS 8 beta 6 for testing. But... You can't have it yet!

iOS 8 beta 6 is now available for download! Not for developers but for Carrier Testing Partners only!

Developers and iOS 8 followers were expecting beta 6's release yesterday but it didn't happen. Today, iOS 8 beta 6 was reported to be released by Apple to its carrier testing partners only so developers and those non-developers who have Apple developers account are not part of the testing for this build.

19 August 2014


Finally, I've got my Globe Prepaid LTE SIM!

After three months of hunting Globe LTE prepaid SIM, I finally found one at Globe SM City North EDSA.

ADVERTISEMENT:   With virtual desktop hosting from CloudDesktopOnline, you can work on any Android device no matter where you are. For cloud related business software such as Office365, try  o365cloudexperts.

I have been looking for a Globe prepaid SIM since the day i bought an unlocked LTE-capable iOS device and that was three months ago. I went to several Globe Business Centers like the one in Trinoma, in SM North EDSA, SM Manila and SM Megamall and they all have the same responses:  the most wanted SIM is "out of stock". 

18 August 2014


To Techie Cebuanos: SM Cyberzone's Cyber Month Tech Sale 2014- a gadget sale that you shouldn't miss!

SM Cyberzone is again conducting its Big Gadget Sale for the Cyber Month, August. Cyberzone is my favorite place in SM Malls because this is the place where you could find all the techie stuff that suits your techie lifestyle. From the basic fab phone to the fancy smartphones, tablet, laptops, PC's, gaming consoles, hard disk drives, DSLR, and the likes, you'll find it all in Cyberzone. 

15 August 2014

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iOS 8 beta 6 and iOS 8.0 official public release date guesstimates.

Four weeks from now, Apple is going to release the anticipated iPhone 6 together with the newest version of iOS which is the iOS 8. As of the moment, iOS 8 is on its fifth beta build. iOS 8 beta 6 is expected to be released next week for final developers' testing before the release of its Golden Master build.

Looking at the time table between the release dates of  iOS 6 and iOS 7 beta builds, iOS 6 took 100 days from the day one of its first beta build to iOS 6.0's official public release. The same number of days (100 days) spent for iOS 7 beta 1 to official iOS 7.0.

14 August 2014


Pocket and Instapaper: apps that let you save your favorite articles and read it offline.

Reading is one of the good hobbies that a person should develop. It can help a person widen his vocabulary and gain additional knowledge about a particular topic that he is interested about. It can also help a person improve his analytical thinking skill, improve his focus and concentration and it help develops his writing skills. Not only does a person learn new topic about the subject matter that he reads but also it can help him broaden his imagination as reading requires reader to visualize the context of the article or story that he is reading. There are many type of articles online that a person may read, it can be blogs, news, novels, poetry, or any subject matter. Aside from the e-book apps that you could use to save your favorite novels, there are available apps in the Appstore and Google Play that you could use to save articles from blogs or websites for offline reading. These apps will help you maximize your time in surfing the internet by saving articles and read it later whatever time you want, even if you're offline.

Here are the apps that I currently use to save blog articles to read it offline: 

13 August 2014

Apple's Activation Lock feature reduces iPhone-related theft report says.

Apple's Activation Lock is one of the best security features for a smartphone to date. It was designed to prevent anyone else from using your iOS device if you ever lose it. It is considered one of the selling points of Apple products running iOS 7. This feature was introduced  as part of iOS 7 last year during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2013. Just recently, New York Times published a blog post highlighting Activation Lock as a contributing factor to the significant reduction of iPhone-related theft in New York, San Francisco and London.

How does activation lock works?
Activation Lock is enabled automatically when you turn on Find My iPhone in iOS 7, or when you upgrade to iOS 7 from a previous version of iOS that has Find My iPhone already turned on. To turn on Find My iPhone on your device: Go to Settings. Tap iCloud.

12 August 2014

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GLP Promo Winners: How to claim prize/s on Globe Load Panalo Promo?

I received some feedbacks and questions from our dear readers and most of the questions are related to winning in Globe Load Panalo (GLP) Promo. Here are some pointers or things you need to read and understand about GLP Promo validation and redemption process.

How to Claim Prize Globe Load Panalo

Validation Process:
1. The prize of the player, if any, shall be determined by the following:
  • The resulting pop-up message after each spin
  • LOAD PANALO internal validated database logs
  • Consistency of the two items above shall determine whether the player has won a prize, as well as what that prize is for each spin.

2. For the winners of the gadget prizes, winner will be asked to provide his/her complete mailing address in the pop-up message. After submission of mailing address, a LOAD PANALO representative will contact the winner within 30 working days to discuss details on how to redeem their prizes.

11 August 2014


Cloud Drive: Store and manage your digital files in the cloud.

Not so long ago, floppy disks a.k.a diskettes were the only accessible secondary storage devices available in our local market. Diskettes were compact, light and easy to use. However, the total available storage of a diskette was only 1.4 Megabytes which means it could only store a very limited amount of digital files. As technology progresses, diskettes became obsolete when higher capacity digital storage such as recordable And rewritable CDs and DVDs became available. Today, USB flash drives and external hard drives are the most commonly used secondary storage devices and those are getting cheaper as a lot of new brands with different capacities are available in stores. The current maximum storage for a USB thumb drive is 1 terabyte which uses USB 3.0 technology. 

10 August 2014


Facebook "messages" no longer part of the main app. How do you feel about it?

Are you one of the Facebook app users who can no longer access the messages in Facebook's main app? This is the case if you still haven't installed the Facebook Messenger app on your device. Recently, Facebook started to split its main app and its in-app messaging feature. It started with iPhone and Android devices while Windows devices and iPads are currently not affected. All existing and new messages will be moved to the Messenger app and you need to keep the two apps to make the most of Facebook features. 

09 August 2014

iOS 8 Beta 5 preview: faster spotlight, new iCloud icons, Predictive shortcut, etc.

Three days after playing around with iOS 8 beta 5, I noticed that the latest beta build is snappier, lags are minimal and the battery life has improved. It has almost the same performance with iOS 7.1.2's battery. I can go online and do blogging, streaming YouTube videos without worrying too much on battery draining so fast. I have encountered an issue with the app called Skitch but since it's a beta, it's understood that some apps may not function well because they're not optimized or updated yet to iOS  8 until the Gold Master version is released. 

Here are the new features of iOS 8 beta 5: 

08 August 2014


A detailed instruction on how to register to Globe Load Panalo promo.

Globe Load Panalo Register

To our readers who have read Globe Load Panalo blog post and requested the step by step procedure on how to register to Globe's Load Panalo promo, please read further.


1. Go to http://loadpanalo.com, enter mobile number under the "Register Now"
Screen and then click the "Register" button. 

Globe Load Panalo Registration

2. An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number containing the verification code.

07 August 2014

OS X Yosemite Transformation Pack - give your Windows Operating System a glimpse of iOS 8 Style.

OS X Yosemite is the upcoming operating system for Mac computers. It was announced alongside with iOS 8 during the World Wide Developers Conference which was held last June 2, 2014 in California.

The beta testing of this upcoming Mac OS is currently in its fifth stage. While beta builds are exclusive to developers only, Apple has made a special beta version of OS X Yosemite that was freely downloadable by the public starting last week. This means that even if you don’t have a registered developer account on Mac Developer Program, you can have it installed on your compatible Mac computer.

What if you don’t own a Mac computer yet you are so insistent on having OS X Yosemite? There is a simple solution for that! Download "Yosemite Transformation Pack" for Windows, a software which will transform the graphical user interface of your current Windows operating system to OS X Yosemite's!

Although you can not get the key features and functionality of OS X Yosemite, at least you enjoy the Yosemite's graphical user interface directly on your Windows 7 or 8 operating system.

To download and to know more about OS X Yosemite Transformation Pack, visit http://www.windowsxlive.net/yosemite-transformation-pack.

*The image featured on this post is property of www.windowsxlive.net 

06 August 2014

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Official download links for iOS 8 beta 5 - test it first before it goes public.

As expected, Apple released iOS 8 beta 5 yesterday exactly two weeks after iOS 8 beta 4 was released to the developers for testing. Compared to the previous beta versions, Apple hasn't much introduced new features to iOS 8 beta 5 but there is an apparent boost in performance which can make beta 5 a significant daily driver for your precious iOS device. Since it's still a beta build, expect that some of yet unpolished bugs may be encountered anytime so always take precautions before installing it on your device. Always make a back-up of your device before installing the beta software.

I have listed the release dates of iOS 8 betas from beta 1 to the latest beta 5 and I think we still have to wait for beta 6 before the Gold Master version is released. Take note that last year's iOS 7 beta testing ended in beta 6 before the release of Golden Master. A week after Golden Master was released, iOS 7.0 was officially released to the public as a free software update from iOS 6.1.6.

Globe Load Panalo Promo: Reload, Spin and Win!

There is a new promo from Globe Telecom where Globe gives its prepaid subscribers a chance to win G-Cash and gadgets instantly by just topping up their Globe prepaid sims and get free spins to use to spin the roullete of prizes.

Globe Load Panalo Promo

The Promo Mechanics is very simple:

Every P30 reload earns you one Spin. The higher load you top up, the more free spins you'll get!

P30-49 = 1 Spin

If you reload 50 pesos to 79 pesos, you'll get 2 free spins.

P50-79 = 2 Spins

If you reload 150 pesos, you'll get 8 spins.

P150 = 8 Spins

Note that you need to wait at most 48 hours for your reload to be awarded with free Spins. Globe Telecome will notify you via SMS on your registered Globe mobile number once your free spin is credited.

03 August 2014

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Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS gives you a nostalgic gaming experience on this touchscreen era.

Gameboy Advance iOS Emulator

Did you miss the video games you used to play when you were just young? Me too! I've been searching for the "not-so-old" games in Appstore that I often played when I was young but none of those available games feature an 8-bit pixelated graphics for a retro game that I am longing to have on my device. Most of the retro games available are the modern versions which use smooth 2D/3D graphics and animations. Using Google Search, i stumbled upon a website that features a Gameboy Advance emulator app which enable users to play Gameboy Advance roms directly on their devices. That app is called GBA4iOS. There's no need to jaibreak your phone to install this app. From the name itself, you may easily notice that the app's name stands for Gameboy Advance for iOS. 

Play Gameboy in iOS

Here's how to install GBA4iOS on your iOS device: