Cloud Drive: Store and manage your digital files in the cloud.

Not so long ago, floppy disks a.k.a diskettes were the only accessible secondary storage devices available in our local market. Diskettes were compact, light and easy to use. However, the total available storage of a diskette was only 1.4 Megabytes which means it could only store a very limited amount of digital files. As technology progresses, diskettes became obsolete when higher capacity digital storage such as recordable And rewritable CDs and DVDs became available. Today, USB flash drives and external hard drives are the most commonly used secondary storage devices and those are getting cheaper as a lot of new brands with different capacities are available in stores. The current maximum storage for a USB thumb drive is 1 terabyte which uses USB 3.0 technology. 

Digital storage isn't just exclusive to physical storage devices but another form of digital storage called Cloud Drives becomes an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Cloud Drive gives you the benefit of accessing your digital documents, photos, videos and files almost anywhere. 

Listed below are the three cloud storage services that I currently use. Two of them offer free 5GB cloud storage while the other one gives 15 GB of free cloud storage. These cloud storage services also offer higher capacity cloud storage for businesses and enterprises that move huge amounts of data.

Apple give users 5 GB of free data storage on iCloud. For users who want to upgrade, they can subscribe to data plans which gives them 10GB for $20, 20GB for $40 and 50GB  of data storage for $100 per year. This service is where I back-up my photos, videos, music and other multimedia files.

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Google Drive
If you have a google account, you automatically have 15GB of free storage in Google Drive. You can keep pictures, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – anything! If 15GB isn't enough for you, you can subscribe to their plan which costs $1.99 per month for 100GB and  $9.99 per month for 1TB.

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Dropbox offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. It is where I save my back-up files related to my work. I also uploaded copies of my favorite movies on this drive so that I could access them anywhere. Dropbox can be linked to other apps like VLC for iOS on which i can play multimedia files directly even without using iTunes to transfer them manually.

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Storing and managing your digital files online is very easy. Backing up digital files such as photos and videos in the cloud will make you preserve memories in a very convenient way. Why not try it today!

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