Facebook "messages" no longer part of the main app. How do you feel about it?

Are you one of the Facebook app users who can no longer access the messages in Facebook's main app? This is the case if you still haven't installed the Facebook Messenger app on your device. Recently, Facebook started to split its main app and its in-app messaging feature. It started with iPhone and Android devices while Windows devices and iPads are currently not affected. All existing and new messages will be moved to the Messenger app and you need to keep the two apps to make the most of Facebook features. 

It was last week when Facebook notified Messenger users that it will release an update to the current version of Facebook Messenger. The main app and Messenger are two different apps that function independently. Still, both apps are owned by Facebook Inc. 

I have been a Messenger user since it was released to the public. For illustration purposes, I uninstalled the Messenger app to show you what it is like when you have a Facebook app but not the Messenger app.

This split affects many users including my mom. They've gotten confused and even not so pleased about it. My mom thought that her iPhone has a problem because she can no longer access the messages on her Facebook app. When she taps on a friend's message, a pop-up window will show up which will give her a notification that the messages on the main app are going to be moved on the Messenger app. Users like her were given options to install the app or do it later. Stated on the pop-up window, Facebook promises that the Messenger app will be faster and users will be able to do more like taking selfies and videos right in the app.

When I explained  to her the on-going transition, she now understands it and she is obliged to install the Messenger app to retrieve the previous messages from her Facebook account.

It's a bit odd for Facebook to make such a move. Whatever the company's goal is, one thing is for sure: you'll get used to it.

What do you think about the split? Do you like the idea of Facebook's stand-alone app for messaging, or you prefer it to be integrated in the main app? Share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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