Finally, I've got my Globe Prepaid LTE SIM!

After three months of hunting Globe LTE prepaid SIM, I finally found one at Globe SM City North EDSA.

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I have been looking for a Globe prepaid SIM since the day i bought an unlocked LTE-capable iOS device and that was three months ago. I went to several Globe Business Centers like the one in Trinoma, in SM North EDSA, SM Manila and SM Megamall and they all have the same responses:  the most wanted SIM is "out of stock". 

When I first went to Globe Business Center at SM City North EDSA and asked if they have prepaid LTE sim cards available, the attending sales representative told me that their prepaid LTE SIMs are out of stock and the available that they have on stock are those 2-in-1 prepaid LTE SIMs that comes with the prepaid pocket Wifi or LTE dongle. That means that i could only purchase a prepaid LTE SIM if I buy the prepaid pocket Wifi worth P4,995 or the LTE dongle worth P3,995. That's not what I intended to buy. Only the SIM card which will I use as a regular Globe prepaid SIM for calling and texting at the same time a SIM that gives me high-speed LTE data connection for my daily online activities.

Three months have passed and I almost forgot about searching for the SIM until just recently, I visited Globe to update myself from the latest demo-smartphones that are displayed on their store. I asked the sales representative about the SIM and to my surprize, they've got available prepaid LTE SIMs! The sales representative told me that they only have limited stocks so it was a perfect timing for me to buy one at that time.

Although I am enjoying HSPA+ data speed of up to 5MBps, there is something in me that pushes me to try LTE because that's one way to fully utilize the key features of my smartphone and something seems lacking if I don't try all the features that it offers.

If you also want to have a Globe prepaid LTE SIM, visit Globe SM North EDSA while there are SIMS available.

UPDATE: November 15, 2014

Globe just announced the availability of its Globe Prepaid LTE Sim without the Tattoo variant. With Globe Prepaid LTE Sim, you can retain your old Globe Prepaid mobile number to take advantage of LTE data connectivity on your prepaid network. However, with Globe LTE Prepaid TATTOO Sim, you cannot retain your old Globe Prepaid mobile number. The Globe Prepaid LTE sim pack is already available but upgrading your old Globe Prepaid sims to LTE will only be available starting December 1, 2014.

The LTE SIM comes in two sizes, Combi and Nano, to fit all SIM card slot sizes. The Combi SIM fits handsets with regular and microcut sim card slots, while the Nano SIM fits handsets with smaller sim card slots. 

Upon activation of your LTE SIM, just send the corresponding keyword to 8888 to get your free GoSURF and Spotify access: text FREEGS30 (for Combi SIMs) and FREEGS50 (for Nano SIMs) to 8888.

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