How to get free unlimited LTE internet connection on your iPhone and Android Phone?

I saw a thread in forum where a member posted steps on how to bug Smart LTE sim and take advantage of the free Smart LTE internet connection. I haven't tried it yet but many feedbacks coming from different subscribers claim that the trick really works.

To do this, you need a Smart LTE SIM, 50php load and a smartphone (i.e.  iPhone or Android phone).

  1. Register to LTE 50 promo by typing LTE (space) 50 and send to 2200. You will receive a reply confirming that your registration is successful.
  2. Register to UNLISURF 50 promo by typing UNLISURF (space) 50  and send to 2200. You can do this without load. You will receive a reply that the service is unavailable. 
  3. Connect your data connection.
  4. Surf the internet as much as you like. Take note that you must have the following starting IP's: 10.140/155/159/181 for Luzon and 10.141/159 for Visayas/Mindanao area.
  5. Thirty minutes before expiration of LTE 50, set your phone to flight mode.
  6. An hour after LTE 50 expires, connect your data connection again.
  7. If you can browse, then the trick works!

Note: This might not work at all times, so do this at your own risk.

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