Apple seeded iOS 8 beta 6 for testing. But... You can't have it yet!

iOS 8 beta 6 is now available for download! Not for developers but for Carrier Testing Partners only!

Developers and iOS 8 followers were expecting beta 6's release yesterday but it didn't happen. Today, iOS 8 beta 6 was reported to be released by Apple to its carrier testing partners only so developers and those non-developers who have Apple developers account are not part of the testing for this build.

Compare to the previous iOS versions, beta 6 was the end of beta testing cycle and it is very likely that the  beta 6 is also the last beta version of iOS 8. We are going to expect the Gold Master to be released anytime soon following beta 6. 

iOS 8 beta 5 was like a final build already. I almost had no issues using iOS 8 beta 5 except for the three apps that I frequently use: Blogtouch Pro, Spotify and Skitch. The minor issues with those apps I mentioned were tolerable and can't be considered reasons to downgrade back to the previous iOS version available. Of course those apps weren't updated yet to iOS 8 until the release of Golden Master so I understand that some glitches may occur anytime to any app. 

I've been using beta 5 since the day it was released (August 5, PHT) and I never came back iOS 7.1.2.  
If iOS 8 beta 5 was already pretty solid like a final build, iOS 8 beta 6 is apparently better than beta 5 due to bug fixes.

For the "n"th time, I'll mention again that iOS 8 will be released in September so there are still quite a few days left for you to wait.

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