Long Term Evolution Advance (LTE-A) is now running in the Philippines via Smart Telecom

Smart Telecom powers up LTE-Advance also known as 5G Network starting this month. This is the second time Smart introduces high-speed data connectivity to the country as it brought 4G network to the country two years ago.

LTE-A delivers data with download speed ranging from 100Mbps up to a swift 1GB per second! Say you want to download an 8MB track from iTunes, it'll take less than a second to download. With LTE-A, streaming full HD videos in YouTube is least likely to buffer. Connecting to the world using LTE-A is instantaneous! Perfect for impatient web surfers who often download huge amount of data. 
I am a loyal Globe subscriber, but I commend Smart Telecom and PLDT for bringing to the Filipinos the advancements in wireless broadband technology just like the latest LTE-A.

It doesn't matter which company first brought the fastest internet connection to the country. What's important is the reliability of the services they offer, good customer service, and the productive and enjoyable user-experience.

What can you say about your internet service provider? Feel free to share it with a comment below.

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