Pocket and Instapaper: apps that let you save your favorite articles and read it offline.

Reading is one of the good hobbies that a person should develop. It can help a person widen his vocabulary and gain additional knowledge about a particular topic that he is interested about. It can also help a person improve his analytical thinking skill, improve his focus and concentration and it help develops his writing skills. Not only does a person learn new topic about the subject matter that he reads but also it can help him broaden his imagination as reading requires reader to visualize the context of the article or story that he is reading. There are many type of articles online that a person may read, it can be blogs, news, novels, poetry, or any subject matter. Aside from the e-book apps that you could use to save your favorite novels, there are available apps in the Appstore and Google Play that you could use to save articles from blogs or websites for offline reading. These apps will help you maximize your time in surfing the internet by saving articles and read it later whatever time you want, even if you're offline.

Here are the apps that I currently use to save blog articles to read it offline: 

Procket is free to download from Applestore and Google play.  It will help you easily save articles, videos, and other web content to read later even when you're offline. It syncs with your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Instapaper costs $3.99 in appstore while it's $2.99 (134.45php) in Google Play. When you find an interesting web page you’d rather read later, save it to Instapaper then read it wherever, whenever, even without an Internet connection. Features include: text-optimized viewing, adjustable font, browse feature and social media sharing options.



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