Best Mathematics apps for students taking up Engineering and B.S. Math | Part 1

On this post, I am going to highlight one of the many ways on how to use your smartphone in a very productive way: its use as an educational tool to improve your proficiency in Mathematics.

Mobile devices can be used to help you practice foundational math skills and build your math fluency using various apps that are free to download. Below I have listed my favorite Mathematics apps that can also be useful to you if you are a student of any Engineering Courses or B.S. Mathematics.


iMathematics is an e-book in the form of an app. This app is perfect for Engineering graduates who are preparing for their licensure examinations. This app also makes an excellent reference for Engineering students whose courses rely on the discipline provided by the topics covered in this app. Aside from the topics compiled in this app, iMathematics has extra features [utilities] which help drive students and reviewees into solving Math problems easily. The utilities included on this app are Advanced Calculator, Fraction Approximator, Graphic Calculator, Quadratic Equations Solver, Systems Solver, and Matrix Solver. It also has a glossary of mathematical terms!


Download iMathematics from Appstore
My Script Calculator


MyScript Calculator is one of my favorite mathematics app because of its very simple interface yet very powerful function. To use the MyScript Calculator app, just write your calculations [using your finger or a capacitive stylus] on the screen and it will display the results immediately. You can also edit your calculations using overwrite, strike-through and scratch out gestures. Your hand writings will be intelligently converted into digital texts and it will do the calculations in real time.

Download MyScript Calculator from Appstore
Math Solver App a.k.a. Fx Math

Math Solver also known as Fx Math is a compilation of different topics in Mathematics. It has sample problems on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Matrix, Equation, Inequality Functions, Graph, Limits, Differential and Integral Calculus. Each sample problem has its corresponding step by step solution which will help you memorize the procedures and principles used on a particular problem.


*Fx Math app is currently not available in Google Play

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