How to hail taxi cab in the Philippines using a mobile app?

When I rode a taxi this morning I used an app called Easy Taxi. Inside the cab, I saw this poster placed at the back of the driver's seat which explains how the service works.

This poster shows how to use the app called Easy Taxi, a mobile app which offers a convenient way for users to virtually hail a taxi to take them to their destination.

I am just happy to know that such service is already operational here in the Philippines. This taxi-booking/hailing application is very helpful to avoid taxi-related crimes and it can help improve the country's transportation system in general.

By having a cab automatically assigned to the users, they can avoid choosy taxi drivers that tend to run rampant during these rainy seasons and the upcoming Christmas seasons.

How does Easy Taxi works?

1. Download the free app from Appstore or Google  Play.
 On the search bar, type Easy<space>Taxi and you'll see this icon from the search results.

2. Install the app.

3. After successful installation, Open the app, register and sign in.

4. Onced signed-in, set your location.
Type your address on the provided search bar to search for your current location or wait until your device's built-in GPS locates you.

5. Request a Taxi.
For the taxi driver to easily locate you, you can provide street name, number and a known landmark.

6. Tap the "Continue" button and wait for the system to assign a  driver for you.
 Once the a taxi driver is assigned, the driver's details will be provided on the app. You can call the driver, view his picture, check the car model and its plate number, or even track the actual location of the assigned taxi in real-time on the map!

Why do I recommend this app?

1. It's Safe
Due to the numerous reports of the taxi-related crimes, using this app make you feel safe because the taxi cabs are monitored.

2. It's convenient
Since you already know the information of the Taxi that's going to pick you up, stay at a place that is most convenient to you while waiting for the taxi to arrive.

3. It's Trendy
Book a cab, tell your friends about the app using social media and fancy a night out!
You can also share this article to you friend for them to know more about Easy Taxi.

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