Useful apps that a Civil Engineering Student should have | Part 2 (Hydraulics)

This is the second part of the list of useful apps for Civil Engineering students. I hope you enjoyed the first part.

Compare Flow App
Compare Flow Hydraulics app for Civil Engineers
This app will help you compare flow capacities between pipes and culverts of different sizes and sections such as circular, arch, elliptical and box. It uses Manning's Formula for evaluating pipe capacity. You can also use individual pipe type options if you want to determine the flow capacity of a single pipe. Compare Flow App is owned by American Concrete Pipe Association and developed by iENGINEERING Corporation.

Download Compare Flow from Appstore
Download Compare Flow from Google Play
Reynolds No. App
Reynolds Number App is very useful when you are asked to compute for pipe velocity and Reynold's number provided that you have data for flow rate through pipe, pipe diameter and fluid temperature. You will need this app for your Hydraulics course.

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Storm Water Flow Calculator a.k.a. Stormwater Flow Calcs
Storm Water Flow Calculator a.k.a. Stormwater Flow Calcs
This app is another good reference for your Hydraulics and Hydrology courses. It will help you calculate the pipe capacity through an orifice using Manning's Equation. It will also calculate the orifice flow using Bernoulli-derived orifice equation. It computes runoff, maximum pipe capacity, and the fraction of the pipe capacity used in a given storm event.

Download Stormwater Flow Calcs from Appstore
*Stormwater Flow Calcs is currently not available in Google Play

Having apps like these will help you check whether your manual computations are correct or not. These apps will serve as tools to check how well do you know the subject and how well do you apply what you have learned from your professor on a particular subject-matter (i.e. Hydraulics and Hydrology). Always remember that to maximize the use of these apps, you must learn the basic principles first. You should also know how to manually compute the given problem sets so that even without these apps, you can calculate what values are required in the problems.

Keep on visiting this blog for more lists as I research and test apps that are worth sharing to [you] our future Civil Engineers. I hope you enjoy your studies with the help of these interactive apps which will guide you all the way until you graduate and pass the licensure examination.

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