Best Mathematics Apps for students taking up Engineering and B.S. Math | Part 2 (Khan Academy Calculus App)

This is the second part of the blog I posted about my personal choice of best Mathematics apps for students taking up Engineering and B.S. Math courses.

During my college days, Calculus is one of the hardest subjects that I have ever encountered. Good thing our Calculus instructors were so bright that they were able to explain the principles effectively, so I passed my Calculus subjects and learned so much about it.

Our students of this generation are lucky because there are plenty of apps and online resources that could help them study Calculus even if they're away from their instructors. Add these apps to their books and notes, they can now study anywhere at their most convenient time.

Let me guess, if you're an Engineering or B.S. Math student and you've landed on this article, that's because you are looking for an alternative solution on how will you speed up your learning process in your Calculus subjects using relevant apps.

Let me introduce to you Ximarc Studio's Khan Academy. Khan Academy provides video compilations of various Mathematics topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. On this article, we are going to concentrate on Calculus topics.

Khan Academy's Calculus topics were split into 8 apps that are pre-loaded with informative videos about Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1-7.

This app provides video lessons about the following topics:

- Limits
- Sequence and Series
- Permutations
- Combinations
- Binomial Theorem
- Interests
- Exponential Growth
- Polar Coordinates
- Parametric Equations

Calculus 1
Calculus 1 covers the following topics:

- More topics about Limits
- Derivatives

Calculus 2
Calculus 2 covers the following topics:

- More topics about Derivatives
- Implicit Differentiation
- Chain Rule
- Maxima Minima
- Inflection Points and Concavity
- Monotonicity Theorem
- Graphing using derivatives

Calculus 3
Calculus 3 covers the following topics:

- Graphing with Calculus
- Optimization with Calculus
- Rate of Change
- Equation of a Tangent Line
- Mean Value Theorem
- Indefinite Integrals
- Definite Integrals
- U-Substitution

Calculus 4
Calculus 4 covers the following topics:

- More topics about Definite Integrals
- Integrals Trigonometric Substitution
- Introduction to Differential Equations
- Solid of Revolution
- More topics about Sequence and Series
- Polynomial Approximation

Calculus 5
Calculus 5 covers the following topics:

- More topics about Polynomial Approximation
- Taylor Polynomial
- Exponential Growth
- Calculus BC Exams
- Partial Derivatives
- Gradient
- Divergence

Calculus 6
Calculus 6 covers the following topics:

- More topics about Divergence
- Curl
- Double Integrals
- Triple Integrals
- (2^xlnx) xdx Antiderivative Example
- Line Integral
- Position Vector Valued Functions
- Derivative of a Position Vector Valued Functions

Calculus 7
Calculus 7 covers the following topics:

- Differential of a Vector Valued Function
- Sample Derivatives of Vector Valued Functions
- Line Integrals and Vector Fields
- Parametrization Of a Reverse Path
- Scalar Field Line Integral
- Vector Field Line Integral
- Path Indepence for Line Integrals
- Closed Curve Line Integrals of Conservative Vector Fields
- Green's Theorem

To download these apps on your iOS device, open the Appstore app, tap on the search icon/button and type "KA Calculus". All Khan Academy: Calculus apps will be displayed in the search results. Hit the Install button and you're good to go!

After downloading the apps mentioned above, you can immediately watch the videos on the apps anytime, anywhere, even if you're not connected to the internet!

To know more about Khan Academy and Ximarc Studios, visit the websites and

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