Get your FREE Ello invitation codes now!

Ello is a simple and clean social networking site that is being developed by visual artists and designers. It has minimalist design with black and white theme on its main graphical interface.The most notable thing about Ello is its commitment to deliver an ad-free [and will always be ad-free] social networking experience. Most of its users are photographers, fashionistas and graphic designers; however, this is open for all types of people who doesn't want to be bothered by advertisements popping up on their walls.

As a new member of Ello, I have free invitation codes to give away! If you are interested to join this brand new social networking site that is free from advertisements, just request your free invitation code using the Contact form of this blog. Just put Ello Invitation Request as the subject of your message.

You can also request for a free invitation from Ello website but it takes up two months for you to get invited. On my personal experience, I requested an invitation to join Ello on September 29th from, the official website and I received an official invitation to join just this November 16. It took fifthy three days before I got my invitation. If want to become an Ello member immediately, here are some of the registration links:


I will only post five links and if the links above doesn't work anymore, just contact me using the contact form above for more invite codes.


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