MRT PH App- Turn your iPhone or Android phone into an MRT CCTV monitor.

Did you know that there is an app that can turn your smartphone into an MRT CCTV monitor? This app is called MRT PH. Using MRT PH app, you can view live video streams from different MRT Station's CCTV Cameras in real-time. You will also know when a station is crowded and you'll see how long the queues are in the ticketing and platform areas for both North-bound and South-bound stations.


On the sample screenshots below, you'll see the actual situation of North Avenue Station's ticketing area, north and south-bound platform areas between 6:35AM to 6:42AM: 

This app will greatly help commuters whithin Metro Manila to monitor the actual condition of every MRT stations. This is also a great tool to decide whether you take an MRT ride or not due to the large volume of passengers queuing in the platform areas.

NOTE: Sometimes, your device may not be able to display live video streams due to the following reasons:

1) The official MRT CCTV Live Feed is offline
2) You do not have an active/good internet connection
3) Your date and time settings are incorrect

The MRT PH app is free. All CCTV feeds are provided and owned by DOTC MRT website and delivered as-is and not modified in any way.

Download  MRT PH from Appstore
Download  MRT Cam from GooglePlay

If you wish to take a peek on every MRT station using your browser in your PC [without using an app], go to Metro Rail Transit's Official CCTV Live Feed website by clicking [or tapping on] this link.

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