26 October 2015


How to Make A Hologram Projector for Your iPad or iPhone?

When I searched hologram videos in YouTube, I came across this video tutorial which lets you create a tool that can project holograms from your iPhone or iPad. This also works with any smartphone or tablets. 

All you need to do is get the following materials and create an improvised tool that will project holographic videos right from your smartphone or tablet:

  • Clear Plastic or Glass (For this tutorial, I used plastic from a clear folder)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Graph Paper
  • Tape
  • Marker / Highlighter
  • Hologram Videos from Youtube

04 October 2015

Download Microsoft Office 2016 now!

This morning, I received an interesting e-mail from Microsoft. For people who signed up  for Windows Insider Program, I am sure they also received this e-mail. But for those who didn’t participate to the Windows Insider Program, let me share to you the content of the e-mail I received. I think it’s worth sharing because it is another good news to those who use Microsoft Products, especially Microsoft Office. 

These are some of the verbatim texts from the actual e-mail I received from Microsoft via Gabe Aul's account:

04 July 2015

How to uninstall Windows 10 Mobile Preview?

Testing new OS is fun! May it be mobile OS or computer OS. But this time, my expectations are way too high which made my Windows 10 mobile preview experience a little bit boring. I didn't spend much time to explore it due to the bugs that made the device almost unusable. Since Windows 10 mobile is still being tested, I already anticipated those bugs prior to upgrading so there is no reason for me to complain. Maybe it's too early to have it on my device since the rumored official release of Windows 10 mobile will be on the last quarter of this year. There is still a lot of time to improve the OS. At this current build which is 10149, the experience is almost similar to iOS 7 beta 1 when Apple made its major overhaul to iOS. It's almost unusable. Although the user-experience varies per device, my experience using Windows Lumia 640 is not that functional compared to my previous testing experiences. You cannot use it yet as your daily driver so don't install the preview on your main smartphone. If you want to continue playing with Windows 10 mobile OS, install it on your secondary device. But don't fret! Windows 10 mobile preview build number 10149 works best on other windows devices with higher specs. Just try it of you have those devices!

01 July 2015

How to Install Windows 10 Mobile Preview RIGHT NOW?

Experimenting is one of the most dangerous thing that I love to do. Just kidding! Maybe dangerous to my smartphones but not to myself he he he. I am talking about software here not any other type of experiments. You might be thinking of other dangerous experiments but it's not what you think. It's only about some sort of techie experiments as a past-time. 

My curiosity drives me crazy every time I see announcements of new beta software that I am interested about. I am interested because of the new features that makes any smartphones smarter than its usual state. You will see on my previous posts that I've tried several beta testing of iOS versions. I like to see how software engineers tweaks the main Operating system and introduce new functionalities and aesthetics for the end-user's indulgence.

27 June 2015

How to get Microsoft Office 365 Personal Subscription for FREE* ?

Due to my very hectic schedule at work, I find it hard to give time to write new articles for my blog. You will notice that the last time I wrote an article was more than two months ago. That’s quite long compare to my early posts where I can write at least two articles per day. The articles I wrote were also some sort of commercial-type with very minimal personal touches. I admit I was like a copycat to Mashable, Techcrunch, Yugatech and Techpinas and other big technology blogs. Those blogs are  already institutions in tech blogging industry and I am just a nobody so why copy if I can do it on my on way? Now, I want to change the style of writing articles for my blog. I want it to be more personalized and convert it from a "news-like" blog to a "journal-like" blog. To my readers, I hope you'll like this transition and you'll continue to read my articles.

For today’s article, I will give you a peek to my first week experience of using  Windows Mobile 8.1 on my Microsoft Lumia 640.

Here are the reasons why I bought Microsoft Lumia 640:

16 April 2015

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Download iOS 8.4 now! This beta is for musicophiles, i guess!

Apple released iOS 8.4 beta 1 [I just assumed it's beta one because I believe there are more succeeding beta builds that will follow] for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new beta brings in enhancements and other bug fixes but the most noticeable interface iteration present in iOS 8.4 is the revamped music app. 

Registered developers can now download the ipsw file via Apple Developer Center website.

Here are the release notes published by Apple about the new Music app in iOS 8.4:

15 April 2015


Apple Announced WWDC 2015. Developers and Non-developer beta testers get ready!

This important announcement from Apple Incorporated is music to the ears of iOS developers and non-developer but curious beta-testers. This is going to be the third time that I shall experience this "buggy" adventure as  Apple engineers update their operating system [the simple but powerful iOS]. I know that you already knew what I am talking about. Who doesn't know Apple products? I also know that everyone knows about it but if you doesn't know yet, just keep on reading and let's see if this announcement will stimulate your longing for iOS 9 and the introduction of new Apple products.

13 April 2015

Learn TESDA Programs from anywhere in the world!

There are different online courses which can help you expand your knowledge about your course or about a particular subject matter that has caught your interest. Thanks to the internet, [on my personal opinion, the internet is] the best technology ever invented! With the help of the internet, you can register to any online courses anytime, anywhere! Some online classes offer video tutorials and downloadable exercises to help you easily learn the topics being taught. However, most of these online classes require you to pay monthly or annual membership fees to get access to all of the resources they provide.

Recommended App for the day: Aura- Camera Photo Editor: Filters, Frames & Text For Instagram.

Aura- Camera Photo Editor: Filters, Frames & Text For Instagram is now FREE for a limited time only! Grab it now! 

App Description:

Snap, Edit & Share your photos, easier than ever!
Our powerful and beautifully designed tools will help you add beautiful frames, filters, text and so much more to your photos, in the most creative & playful way ever!

• High-Quality Filters
Apply stunning filters to your photos, easier than ever! Choose between a beautiful collection of stunning filters to make your photos achieve the specific look and glow you want. 
We will continually be adding more filter packs for your photos to enjoy!

Ello, the minimalist social network is now Version 2!

Ello,  a social networking service created as an ad-free alternative to Facebook and Twitter is now on its second version called Ello V2. Although still in beta, there are lots of noticeable improvements to the social network and it is now more stable compared to the previous version. Check it out!

Ello V2 Full Feature List

Ello V2 is a top-to-bottom redesign of Ello, including a new Ello backend. One of the big advantages of V2 is that it’s far more robust than the first version, which will allow Ello to keep growing without interruption. It also makes it easier to add new features (and mobile apps!), all coming soon.

Here’s a list of new features that are already included in Ello V2.

12 April 2015


How to apply for Philippine passport online?

Securing government documents in the Philippines is not an easy task. There are lots of challenges like the infamous "very long queues" in every government agencies that you must encounter before you could get the documents. Those documents are the likes of NSO Birth Certificate, NBI clearance, Passport, etc. Usually, those documents are needed for job-application locally and abroad. I believe that the government is aware of these so they are doing some solutions to ease the burden and these solutions evolve as technology progresses. 

On this article, let us talk about the easiest way of obtaining passport using the online appointment system. There really is no way you could get a passport via online processing alone; however, you could do the encoding of your personal data anytime, anywhere! This could help speed up the process. By setting an appointment online, you will save time when you go to the appointed DFA office to further process your passport application. The further steps are the verification processing, data capturing, picture taking and of course the payment processing.

Here are the step by step procedures on how to get your Philippine passport via online appointment system:

10 April 2015

You can now open Facebook messenger on your browser!

Facebook's dedicated messenger app can now be opened using any compatible browsers! This means that while working in front of your computer, you can now easily access Facebook's Messenger service even when you're away from your smartphone! Of course, the messenger service can still be opened on Facebook's main site but if you want a distraction-free messaging experience, try to open messenger on a separate browser tab. To try the service, just visit messenger.com, log-in using your Facebook account and voila, an instant messaging service similar to the apps that you are using on your smartphones and tablets!

via: Yugatech

09 April 2015


iOS 8.3 is now available for download which brings tons of bug fixes plus updated emoji icons!

You can now update your compatible iOS devices to the latest version of iOS8. iOS 8.3 is the third major update released by Apple since the release of iOS 8 in September 2014.

Here are the release notes of iOS 8.3:

Improved performance for:
- App launch
- App responsiveness
- Messages
- Wi-Fi
- Control Center
- Safari tabs
- 3rd-party keyboards
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Simplified Chinese keyboard

05 April 2015

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How to get FREE 3-year genuine license for Autodesk products in the Philippines?

Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. It is an established company running for almost 30 years and offering the broadest portfolio of products in the design world.
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Become a Windows insider now. Experience Windows 10 before it gets public!

I have recently installed Windows 10 and run it using dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 and I am enjoying the experience so far. I can switch between operating systems whenever I want!

Why did I install Windows 10 Technical Preview?
The very reason why I installed Windows 10 Technical Preview is the unavoidable curiosity that I felt when Windows 10 Technical Preview was announced. I was lured by the upcoming features of Microsoft Windows such as the yet unnamed browser called "Project Spartan", the smarter virtual assistant called Cortana, and the revamped multitasking interface which introduces the virtual desktops that keep several running programs get organized. I also got excited when I read an article about Microsoft's announcement saying that Windows 10 will be available for public as a free upgrade to the existing devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. On that same article, Microsoft announced that aside from the genuine Windows 7 and 8.1 computers, the existing non-genuine [or pirated] Windows will also get the free upgrade but it will not change the license status of the pirated operating systems which means pirated Window 7 or 8.1 upgraded to Windows 10 will remain pirated! 

01 April 2015

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How to get the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview for FREE?

I am not a fan of Windows 8 [nor Windows 8.1] because of the omission of the standard start menu. However, I loved how Microsoft revamped the graphical user interface of its main operating system from glassy Windows 7 to a flat and minimalistic Windows 8. When I learned that Windows 10 will be released on the last quarter of 2015, I got so excited about the news especially when Microsoft unveiled that the start menu will come back. This is going to be the most exciting Windows version as it brings a lot of new interface upgrades, new functionalities and more secured operating system created by Microsoft.

31 March 2015

NBI Clearance online application implemented, no more walk-ins!

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has announced that starting tomorrow, April 1, it will be fully implementing its online application process for the NBI Clearance and will no longer entertain walk-ins.

Starting April 1, 2015, “the NBI will be fully implementing the Online Registration, Electronic Payment, and Appointment System as part of its campaign of offering fast and convenient service.”

14 March 2015


Spotify Adds Lyrics to Its Desktop App and it's pretty useful!

Like any other apps that provide excellent services to its end-users, Spotify [my favorite music streaming service] which regularly adds new features and improvements to its range of mobile and desktop apps is making some useful changes to its desktop app today.  A new "LYRICS"  button is added to its main interface which will bring up on-screen lyrics of the song being played.

10 March 2015

Smarter Google Chrome warns users on unwanted software downloads!

Google has added a new warning to Chrome that pops up before users visit a site that will encourage downloads of unwanted software, the search engine announced on Monday.

The red warning, pictured above, lets readers know that the site they're about to visit "might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience" by, for example, switching your homepage or injecting extra ads on your screen. Chrome already has a warning that pops up once a software download is initiated.

13 January 2015

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How to apply for NBI Clearance online?

The application for an NBI clearance online has gone better and better since its implementation on January 23, 2014. The National Bureau of Investigation has recently updated the steps in securing NBI clearance to simplify the process as it aim to eliminate long queues on NBI Centers nationwide.

The new online NBI clearance application procedure in the Philippines.
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Tokitechie Welcomes 2015 by welcoming Android Kitkat as well!

Happy New Year!

This 2015, things are going to change. From being an iOS fanboy, I welcome Android with excitement and anticipation for the coming Android L version which is called Android Lollipop.

I admit, I was an "iOS fanboy" until I had an in-depth Android Kitkat experience just this December 2014. I realized that sticking to only one smartphone OS and treating other smartphone operating systems inferior just to make my choice of OS standout is a No-no! That is an apparent sign of immaturity.