13 January 2015

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How to apply for NBI Clearance online?

The application for an NBI clearance online has gone better and better since its implementation on January 23, 2014. The National Bureau of Investigation has recently updated the steps in securing NBI clearance to simplify the process as it aim to eliminate long queues on NBI Centers nationwide.

The new online NBI clearance application procedure in the Philippines.
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Tokitechie Welcomes 2015 by welcoming Android Kitkat as well!

Happy New Year!

This 2015, things are going to change. From being an iOS fanboy, I welcome Android with excitement and anticipation for the coming Android L version which is called Android Lollipop.

I admit, I was an "iOS fanboy" until I had an in-depth Android Kitkat experience just this December 2014. I realized that sticking to only one smartphone OS and treating other smartphone operating systems inferior just to make my choice of OS standout is a No-no! That is an apparent sign of immaturity.