How to apply for NBI Clearance online?

The application for an NBI clearance online has gone better and better since its implementation on January 23, 2014. The National Bureau of Investigation has recently updated the steps in securing NBI clearance to simplify the process as it aim to eliminate long queues on NBI Centers nationwide.

The new online NBI clearance application procedure in the Philippines.
We secure NBI Clearance as a requirement whether for business registration, change of name, travel abroad and visa applications, and for local or international employment. It is a proof that the person bearing the name on the clearance has no criminal record or civil cases and obligations.

Here are the Steps on How to apply for NBI clearance online.

1. Go to and create an online account.
Make sure you enter a valid email address and remember your password for future use.

2. Sign-in.

3. Fill out forn and hit the "Save Information" button.
4. Hit Apply For Clearance on the upper right corner of the screen.
5. Confirm the type of your application and enter the type of valid ID to be presented.
6. Select the desired branch where you want your clearance to be printed and set an appointment date.

7. Enter the Purpose of your application and Purpose detail.

8. Choose your payment option. Choose among the four options:  Banks Over the Counter, Banks Online, Mobile Payment and Bayad Center.

  • Once you click PROCEED TO PAYMENT, follow further steps depending on the type of payment you chose.
  • Your REGISTRATION CODE or REFERENCE NUMBER will be provided after you select your PAYMENT OPTION.
  • Your REFERENCE NUMBER shall be your GATE PASS when you enter NBI Clearance Centers.


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