Ello, the minimalist social network is now Version 2!

Ello,  a social networking service created as an ad-free alternative to Facebook and Twitter is now on its second version called Ello V2. Although still in beta, there are lots of noticeable improvements to the social network and it is now more stable compared to the previous version. Check it out!

Ello V2 Full Feature List

Ello V2 is a top-to-bottom redesign of Ello, including a new Ello backend. One of the big advantages of V2 is that it’s far more robust than the first version, which will allow Ello to keep growing without interruption. It also makes it easier to add new features (and mobile apps!), all coming soon.

Here’s a list of new features that are already included in Ello V2.

*Navigation is out of the drawer, so you can use most of Ello with the drawer closed. Full screen awesomeness!

*You now have all the functionality of posting when you comment, including images, video, sound, & moveable content blocks.

*CodePen integration so programmers can embed animation that runs on Ello.

*When you block someone who’s annoying you it’s now a 2-way block. They don’t see you and you don’t see them.

*Discovery now recommends content, as well as people. Search will do the same soon!

*When you repost or edit you now stay inline with the original post, rather than opening a new post bar.

*Lots of new animation when you post, comment, repost, or edit.

*New email option when you want to share a post.

*The Omnibar no longer lays on top of the page you are on, but pushes the content down (inline) and gives you more room to create.
*The Omnibar saves whatever you’ve been working on but haven’t submitted yet — even if you close your browser, lose power, or lose your internet connection.
*The Omnibar collapses when not in use. Even more screen space to see stuff!

Drag and drop works for lots of new stuff:
a. Drag avatars for people you’re following into the Omnibar or in comments to mention them.
b. Drag images from your stream to posts.
c. Text links
d. Emojis can be dragged from anywhere on the screen into a post or comment.
e. Drag the Ello logo in the upper corner of the screen to put a logo in your post.

Lots of updated keyboard shortcuts
1 Toggle Drawer
F Navigate to Friends stream
N Navigate to Noise stream
= Toggle grid mode for main content
+ Toggle grid mode for drawer content
R Open notifications

*Collapsed settings to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

*New icons for discover, search, settings, and just about everything else.

*Search separated from discover and persistent in header.

*Fuzzy emoji auto completer helps you find emojis better, even if you type a word at the end of the emoji name. For example, :ton returns :stuck_out_tongue:.

*Lots of new confirmations so you don’t accidently delete stuff.

*Vastly improved mobile web posting and commenting experience. More stable, too.

If you want to sign-up for a free Ello membership, visit https://ello.co/.

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