27 June 2015

How to get Microsoft Office 365 Personal Subscription for FREE* ?

Due to my very hectic schedule at work, I find it hard to give time to write new articles for my blog. You will notice that the last time I wrote an article was more than two months ago. That’s quite long compare to my early posts where I can write at least two articles per day. The articles I wrote were also some sort of commercial-type with very minimal personal touches. I admit I was like a copycat to Mashable, Techcrunch, Yugatech and Techpinas and other big technology blogs. Those blogs are  already institutions in tech blogging industry and I am just a nobody so why copy if I can do it on my on way? Now, I want to change the style of writing articles for my blog. I want it to be more personalized and convert it from a "news-like" blog to a "journal-like" blog. To my readers, I hope you'll like this transition and you'll continue to read my articles.

For today’s article, I will give you a peek to my first week experience of using  Windows Mobile 8.1 on my Microsoft Lumia 640.

Here are the reasons why I bought Microsoft Lumia 640: