04 July 2015

How to uninstall Windows 10 Mobile Preview?

Testing new OS is fun! May it be mobile OS or computer OS. But this time, my expectations are way too high which made my Windows 10 mobile preview experience a little bit boring. I didn't spend much time to explore it due to the bugs that made the device almost unusable. Since Windows 10 mobile is still being tested, I already anticipated those bugs prior to upgrading so there is no reason for me to complain. Maybe it's too early to have it on my device since the rumored official release of Windows 10 mobile will be on the last quarter of this year. There is still a lot of time to improve the OS. At this current build which is 10149, the experience is almost similar to iOS 7 beta 1 when Apple made its major overhaul to iOS. It's almost unusable. Although the user-experience varies per device, my experience using Windows Lumia 640 is not that functional compared to my previous testing experiences. You cannot use it yet as your daily driver so don't install the preview on your main smartphone. If you want to continue playing with Windows 10 mobile OS, install it on your secondary device. But don't fret! Windows 10 mobile preview build number 10149 works best on other windows devices with higher specs. Just try it of you have those devices!

01 July 2015

How to Install Windows 10 Mobile Preview RIGHT NOW?

Experimenting is one of the most dangerous thing that I love to do. Just kidding! Maybe dangerous to my smartphones but not to myself he he he. I am talking about software here not any other type of experiments. You might be thinking of other dangerous experiments but it's not what you think. It's only about some sort of techie experiments as a past-time. 

My curiosity drives me crazy every time I see announcements of new beta software that I am interested about. I am interested because of the new features that makes any smartphones smarter than its usual state. You will see on my previous posts that I've tried several beta testing of iOS versions. I like to see how software engineers tweaks the main Operating system and introduce new functionalities and aesthetics for the end-user's indulgence.