How to Install Windows 10 Mobile Preview RIGHT NOW?

Experimenting is one of the most dangerous thing that I love to do. Just kidding! Maybe dangerous to my smartphones but not to myself he he he. I am talking about software here not any other type of experiments. You might be thinking of other dangerous experiments but it's not what you think. It's only about some sort of techie experiments as a past-time. 

My curiosity drives me crazy every time I see announcements of new beta software that I am interested about. I am interested because of the new features that makes any smartphones smarter than its usual state. You will see on my previous posts that I've tried several beta testing of iOS versions. I like to see how software engineers tweaks the main Operating system and introduce new functionalities and aesthetics for the end-user's indulgence.

By taking risks of possible bricking of phone, data loss and buggy user-experience, I still pursue testing because I consider it a mere satisfaction of my curiosity. At least I contributed to software engineers trace bugs that weren't traced when they did their alpha (in-house) testing by simply reporting those bugs using a dedicated app that they have provided. iOS beta firmware were exclusively for developers testing only but some geeks find ways to share their spontaneity to curious techie people who want to try the beta firmware before it is officially released to the end-users. Cool right? One important announcement for non-developers, techies and wannabes who are curious about iOS beta testing is that Apple now rolls out beta firmware for public beta testing! No need to download it somewhere because you can now get it directly from Apple! It's a good news to beta testers who are curious and can't wait for the Gold Master or RTM build or the official release of the famous mobile operating system.

Enough of the very long introduction. This time, I am not going to test iOS but Windows 10 mobile OS! Just last week, I bought Windows Lumia 640 to take advantage of the freebies that Microsoft offers. These freebies are part of promoting Microsoft's new Microsoft-branded mid-range devices: the Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640XL. Microsoft finally ditched the "Nokia" branding and expect to see more Microsoft-branded mid-ranged and high-end smartphones on the coming months without the "Nokia" brand.

If you have a compatible device that can run Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Preview, go ahead and let's start the testing!

First, download the app called "Windows Insider" from Microsoft Store and become a "Windows Insider".

After downloading the app, tap to run it. You will see the following messages. If you insist to go through and willing to take risks, go ahead and enter the account information you want to use to register as a Windows Insider. You can use your existing Microsoft account or any domain account.

After signing in, you need to restart you device for the magic to take effect! Initially, you can't access Windows 10 mobile beta firmware but because you enabled your device to install beta software, you will get it as you wish without any difficulties!  

Go to Settings > Phone Update and voila! A notification will appear that Windows 10 is now ready for you to download. No sweat! No special skills needed! Just download the official Microsoft Windows Insider app, register, download and update!

You'll be warned that installing experimental and early prerelease software and services may void your warranty depending on your device/service provider. In some circumstances, you may not be able to place calls (including emergency calls), you may experience increase data charges, several app crashes, security vulnerabilities and even data loss. ALWAYS BACK-UP YOUR DATA BEFORE DOWNLOADING WINDOWS 10 PREVIEW.

I already warned you so do it at your own risk!

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