28 July 2017

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Apple seeded iOS 11 Public Beta 3: New Icons for Contacts, Notes and Reminders

Apple just seeded the third public version of the iOS 11 Beta software. I am keeping track of the iOS 11 Beta software development and its release dates to monitor the trend for future reference, and here's the update so far:

iOS 11 Beta Release Dates:
iOS 11 Developer Beta 1 - June 5th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 - June 21st
iOS 11 Public Beta 1 - June 26th
iOS 11 Developer Beta 3 - July 10th
iOS 11 Public Beta 2 - July 12th 
iOS 11 Developer Beta 4 - July 24th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3 - July 25th
iOS 11 Public Beta 3

21 July 2017

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Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP Headset Review

When it comes to finding the right headset, there are several factors that we need to consider before we settle for the right type and brand. Thus, using our favorite search engine, we tend to search for help from others who could give us honest reviews of the headset/s that we are hoping to buy. Product reviews give us ideas about how a specific device functions according to its technical specifications and other non-technical aspects that matters.
Sony Extra Bass MDR-XB550AP Headset

15 July 2017

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iOS 11 Public Beta 2 [Bug]: Screen Recording Not Working

I have been playing around with iOS 11 Public Beta 2 on my iPad Air First Gen for quite some time and i noticed some obvious improvements compare to the previous beta. The device is snappier, the connection problems were fixed, battery life is improved and the overall iOS stability is satisfactory. However, there is one feature that annoys me and it seems to be not working whatever setting adjustments I do on my iPad Air First Gen: the Screen Recording.
iOS 11 Screen Recording and Screen Broadcasting
The Screen Recording feature seems to work at first. But when I turned it on for the second time from the control center, it was no longer functioning. I noticed that when I tapped on the new "Start Broadcast" button, it activates the Screen Recording but it just activates and doesn't do its intended function. And because it's supposed to stream everything I do on my iPad's screen, it apparently doesn't do anything neither does it keep a copy of the recording. There is a blue bar on top of the screen which indicates that the screen recording is in progress and when I stopped it, it was supposed to save a video file of the recording but it didn't. There is no "Save to Photo App" notification which is suppose to confirm that a video file of the screen recording was created.
iOS 11 Screen Recording Bug on iPad Air 1
A blue bar on top of the screen which indicates that the screen recording is on going.
I understand iOS 11 is still in its early beta stage so it's a given that some features really don't work just yet. The Screen Recording feature is one of the features that I am so eager to try. This feature can help me show the screen of my device on my next blog posts so you will see iOS 11 in action from a video recording.

I tried anything to make it work but when I thought I was already on a dead end, I stopped and eventually conceded. Here are the workarounds i did to try to enable the Screen Recording feature but to no avail, didn't work out as expected:

1. I enabled screen recording from Settings > Control Center > Customize Control and tapped the green plus icon on the left of "Screen Recording". Doing this would make the screen recording button appear in the Control Center. I redid it thrice, it let me record the screen but no videos were saved.

2. I went to Settings > General > Restrictions > Game Center and turned off screen recording. I Restarted my device and turned it on again. I tried recording again from the control center, the recording has started and when it was finished, no video was saved.

3. I reset all settings of my device, tried recording and didn't find any success doing it.

4. I hard reset the device, the problem still do exists.

I am not sure if this bug is present on other devices as well but one thing is certain: it just doesn't work on my iPad Air. I have sent a feedback about this [using the Feedback Assitant App] and I'm looking forward for the iOS Beta 4 [iOS Public Beta 3] hoping that this would be fixed as soon as possible.

How about you? Were you able to enable Screen Recording on your iPad Air First Gen and/or other iOS Device(s)? Let me know by dropping a comment on the comment box below.

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eBPLS for automated Business & Licensing Permits to be launched next week

Electronic Business Permits and Licensing System eBPLS
The Department of Communication and Technology is set to launch the eBPLS software this July 18, 2017. This will coincide with the eBPLS Summit to be held that day and spearheaded by DICT Sec. Salalima.

The eBPLS (Electronic Business Permit and Licensing System) aims to streamline the process of getting licenses and business permits in cities and municipalities.
The DICT is steadfast to revolutionize local governance through ICT. As part of the ongoing effort to streamline regulatory processes in the country, the Department takes the lead in computerizing the business permitting and licensing system of cities and municipalities, through the eBPLS software, which will be launched during the summit.

The eBPLS software will allow the taxpayers to file their application for new and renewal of business permits online and enable the local government units (LGUs) to process the applications electronically.
An eBPLS system has been in place in selected regions or municipalities by it’s mostly a back-end system used by government offices. The eBPLS software will close the loop and give access to businesses and taxpayers direct access to the system for easier transactions.via

13 July 2017

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Apple seeded iOS 11 Public Beta 2

iOS 11 Public Beta 2
Honestly, i didn't expect Apple would release the iOS 11 Public Beta 2 today. I was expecting it to arrive by the fourth week of July so I am kind of embarrass about what I have written yesterday regarding its possible release date [iOS 11 Public Beta 2 Release Date]. Anyway, the second public beta is already here so let's move forward and will take a closer look at the new features and changes that it brings to the table. Technically, iOS 11 is now on its third phase of beta testing and by showing you below the release dates of all iOS 11 betas so far, I hope that the timeline of the previous release dates will give us a trend to follow for you to have a clue of which dates to expect when the succeeding betas will be released in the coming days.
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Appstore, iTunes and Apple Music now accept Paypal as payment option!

Paypal now accepted by Appstore, iTunes, Apple Music

You probably already have a credit card associated with your Apple ID to pay for any app, music or book. But if you want to use your Paypal balance or just prefer paying for everything via Paypal, you can now do that if you're in Canada or Mexico. If you're in Canada or Mexico, you can now make transactions in iTunes, Apple Music and Appstore using Paypal. Paypal promises to make the feature available in other locations, including the US "soon after", though it didn't give a time frame for the roll out. via

12 July 2017


Netflix Originals: Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may have come across this hit series entitled "Stranger Things". The first time I saw it, I had an instant connection with the characters and because I love weird things like time travel, parallel universe [multiverse] theory, conspiracy theories about aliens and space, the Montauk Project and Area 51; I was instantly hooked up by this film series and I certainly became a fan while watching it!
Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere

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You'll be seeing ads in Messenger in the coming weeks!

As you may know, there is quite a bunch of ads on Facebook. So with that in mind, the following really shouldn't be all that surprising. The social network is working on bringing ads into its own-brand chat app, Facebook Messenger. After all, it's business as usual.

Ads will show up inside the home screen of Messenger app where you currently see your most recent chats. The look of the ads will be tightly integrated into the design of the app so that they don't stand out too much, but the amount of vertical space they take up (which is roughly equivalent to three chats) will definitely not go unnoticed, as you can see from the screenshots below.
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iOS 11 Public Beta 2 Release Date

iOS 11 Developer Beta 3
The iOS 11 Public Beta 2 is about to be released after iOS Beta 3 was seeded by Apple yesterday for Developer's review and assessment. There is no specific date of the release just yet but we know for sure that after the release of developer beta, the public beta will come out next. Based on my observations of the gap between the developer's preview and public beta release dates, we can expect Apple to seed the iOS 11 Public Beta 2 within the fourth week of July so if you're a Public Beta tester, there's nothing you can do about it but to wait until the iOS 11 Public Beta 2 arrives to your device. But if you haven't installed any of the iOS 11 Betas, you can go ahead and install the developer's preview (iOS 11 Developer Beta 3) but make sure you know what you are doing as the developer's previews are intended for developers use only while the public betas are refined versions of the developer's previews. The public beta previews are intended for non-developers [and existing developers] who participated in the Apple Beta Software Program. To know how to install iOS 11 Beta, follow this link: How to download and install iOS 11 Public Beta the Tokitechie way?

07 July 2017

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iOS 11 Beta - 4 new features you'll expect from the final version!

For those of you who wants to know how the iOS 11 looks like on an iPad, here are the screenshots of four (4) of the latest features you can expect from the official release of iOS in September*. This post is a follow up to the previous post entitled 3 Reasons Why You Should Download and Install it on Your iPad.

[*The September 2017 release date is only my calculated guesstimate based on previous iOS release dates and it may change according to Apple's official plan. As of the date of writing this post, it has been rumored that the iPhone 8's released date will be delayed because of the possible delay in the production of organic LEDs with integrated finger-print sensors; on the other hand, some analysts say that there will be no finger print sensor for iPhone 8 because the technology isn't fully developed yet to be used in its early phase of development. We really don't know what will happen and how will they finalize the designs and features of the upcoming iPhone models and that can affect the official release date of the iOS 11.]
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iOS 11 Public Beta - 3 Reasons Why You Should Download and Install it on Your iPad

It's almost two weeks already since the iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 (Public Beta 1) was released to the developers and public testers and I had no second thoughts of trying it out on my devices because when I first experienced iOS 7 beta testing in 2013, I have always wanted to try and try doing it until we reach this moment [almost four years after iOS 7 was released]. I have always been fascinated by iOS and I believe I am adventurous enough to try out its new features even if its only on the beta testing stage.

For this particular post, I will show you three features why you should download and install iOS 11 on your iPad.

05 July 2017

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How to create a Netflix PH account using G-cash, Yazz, PayMaya, BPI My ePrepaid and other Prepaid Credit Cards

Netflix Logo - Property of Netflix Inc.

Netflix is an online subscription-video-on-demand (SVOD) service that offers a wide variety of video contents such as television series, movies and documentaries which can be accessed using an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, computer, game console and Smart TV.

If you are familiar with the iFlix and Hooq which are popular add-ons to our local internet service providers like PLDT and Globe, Netflix works similar to those services. By comparison, Netflix is a way much larger media content provider which originally streams contents to American subscribers until it expanded its services to several other countries including the Philippines.

04 July 2017

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iOS 11 Public Beta 1 Known Issues

iOS 11 Public Beta 1 known bugs

It's really tempting to try the new iOS 11 via Public Beta 1 because of the hype that's currently buzzing around the online tech community. Not only did it get my attention but I was also stunned how the upcoming version of iOS for supported iOS devices [especially for the iPad] has matured and evolved into a handsome multi-functional smart OS. The new features packed inside iOS 11 are worth waiting for as the official release is expected to be in the fourth quarter of this year. But if you can't wait until September, you can just install it in your iDevice right now to see it live in action. I know you're excited too but before you hit that Download and Install button, you need to be reminded of the known bugs [software issues and OS instability] that has already been discovered while testing the first beta version of iOS 11.

Here is a short list of software issues that I've experienced using iOS 11 Public Beta 1 in my iPhone 7 so far:
  • Battery issue- this is a classic issue in iOS betas not just in iOS 11. My phone heats up easily and it quickly discharges battery even if I am not using it.
  • WiFi hotspot won't work as usual. This is a classic bug I observed in all betas I've tested so far.
  • I can no longer pair my portable speakers to my iPhone using Bluetooth.
  • Tried sending photos using Airdrop but it didn't work. Maybe because of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues.
  • The App Switcher is apparently buggy as it stutters when scrolling left to right and vice versa.
  • When swiping up to close an app, the app bounces back and it won't close. I needed to try closing it several times just to close it successfully.
  • The 3D Touch sometimes stops working and not responding.
  • App freezes when saving files to iCloud Drive using "Save to Files" function.
  • Can't use Fleksy keyboard flawlessly. Sometimes it just freezes and it's annoying.
  • Can't use iMessage sync. It just doesn't work.
  • Appstore app crashes but i like the new Appstore interface.
  • Notifications on the mail app won't show up properly.
  • Weather app is buggy. It won't show me the Sunset time.
  • The Feedback Assistant app crashes. Can't open it since day one of having iOS 11 even after resetting the device.
  • Can't use iTunes ringtones. Not so important but maybe for some users it matters.
  • The haptic feedback is very sharp. It doesn't feel right.
  • Photos app crashed several times.
  • My iPhone resets multiple times in a day.
I was actually stuck in a boot loop when I first installed the iOS 11 Beta 1 developer version to my old iPad Air prior to the release of public beta 1 but this time it looks like the boot loop bug has been fixed already. I wasn't the only one who got stuck to that booting issue and it was a known bug after several reports sent to Apple. It was also discovered when it was published by other iOS 11 beta testers and bloggers. 

Getting caught in a boot loop was very uncomfortable for me and it's a little bit time consuming. On the positive side, I was able to recover my iPad by simply reinstalling iOS 10.3.2 ipsw [How?]. This time, I installed iOS 11 Public Beta 1 to my iPhone and I ensured that the battery is fully (100%) charged so that I would have enough juice for a quick test. Since it's only Beta 1, I have no plans on keeping it to my daily driver (iPhone) because it's obviously unreliable at this early point of time. I will just wait for the Gold Master (GM) version to ensure that the iOS 11 is stable enough to be used as my daily driver. But for some of my iOS devices like the older iPad Air, I think I will continue to install iOS 11 beta after beta until it reach its final version. I just want to see how the features evolve and how the iOS stabilize after series of beta testing.

I have no regrets trying out the iOS 11 on its first beta stage. Obviously, I had a lot of fun. How about you? Would you dare to try it too? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

02 July 2017

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Investagrams App Overview

Investagrams Logo
Investagrams is a one stop shop for Financial Freedom. It provides handy guidance for people who wants to learn how to trade and invest in the Philippine Stock Market. Not only does it provide guidance to its members but it also functions as a social networking site that connects people who have similar passion in stock trading and investing. It has an iOS and an Android app which function similar to its web counterpart. With the social networking feature of the app, members can connect to each other and talk about the technicals and fundamentals of the stocks they are holding and planning to hold.

01 July 2017

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How to downgrade iOS 11 Public Beta to iOS 10.3.2

Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10
Installing iOS 11 on your iDevice is a bit risky but an exciting procedure; the steps are very simple and uncomplicated. But what if you suddenly want to go back to iOS 10 for whatever reasons? Maybe you're annoyed by the common issues of beta software which I mentioned on my previous post and your patience just gave in or you are simply done testing it and decided to just wait for the final release. How do you downgrade? Would it be as simple as connecting to the internet and downloading the updates just like what you did when you installed iOS 11 or do you need to do it in a different way? I believe you're reading this post right now because you want to know how to downgrade your iDevice running iOS 11 Public Beta version to the most recent final public version of iOS 10. You're on the right site because I am going to show you the steps on how to downgrade your iOS 11 Public Beta to iOS 10.3.2 [10.3.2 is the up-to-date public version of iOS 10 as of the date of writing this post]. To do it, here are the important things you need to prepare before you proceed to the steps:


Nokia 3310 (2017): Hotty or Notty?

Nokia 3310 2017 Color Choices

HMD  Philippines just announced [via] that the latest Nokia 3310 is now available in the Philippine stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of P2,490.

30 June 2017

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the iconic iPhone!

First released iPhone in 2007
The iPhone is arguably one of the most famous smartphones in the market for the last ten years and it remains popular among all types of people up to this date. Today, June 29, 2017 is the exact 10th year since the original iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007. Upon its initial release, the iPhone was seen by many as the most advanced digital device of the day. Compare to other smartphone models during that day, iPhone 2G had the massive and  highest resolution screen and has the most processing power for a mobile phone.

28 June 2017

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How to download and install iOS 11 Public Beta 1 the Tokitechie way?

The iOS 11 is just around the corner and while developers make their best efforts to iron out the software issues, you have two options: either do nothing and wait until iOS 11 reaches its official release date in September Keynote or join the bandwagon and download the pre-released iOS 11 beta updates via Apple Beta Software Program. It will allow you to see iOS 11 in action and experience its features before it goes public. By installing the iOS 11 beta updates, you are actually helping the developers trace the "bugs" that causes iOS instability by automatically sending diagnostic data from your device or by manually sending feedback via Feedback Assistant App.

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Rumored iPhone 8 prototype now circulating the tech world!

The Iphone  8 Front & Back Glass Body| Image credit: iDrop News
We are now approaching the official announcement and release date of the upcoming iPhone models and I am already seeing a lot of blogs and news reports about the speculations for the possible design and technical specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8.

27 June 2017

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iOS 11 Public Beta 1 is now available for download!

iOS 11 (Developer Beta 2) Public Beta 1 Now Available

My first blog about iOS beta was posted 3 years ago and it was the iOS 8. Now that Apple reached the 11th version of iOS, my interest in trying out the famous mobile operating system in its beta stage remains the same. I still feel gratified just like the old days. 

25 June 2017

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How to setup a custom domain for Blogger blog in 2017 with Godaddy for the first time?

I recently bought a custom domain name from Godaddy.com for my Blogger blog to drop the blogspot sub-domain and successfully redirected traffic from my old blog address to the new address without any problem. I bought the domain name in June 22nd, 2017 and three days after redirecting the traffic from my previous blogspot.com host to the new domain name, I still haven't been experiencing any down times and problems to my blog. 

When you purchase a custom domain name from Godaddy.com, they assign DNS Records (A record and CNAME record) to the domain. You will use these records to set-up your new website. If you're blogging using Blogger, the default A record and CNAME records provided by Godaddy.com cannot be used so you will have to change it or delete it and create a new one.

Here are the steps on how to setup a custom domain for your Blogger blog with Godaddy.com for the first time:

22 June 2017


How to view and download your e-MERALCO Bill from the internet?

View Meralco Bill Online
Did you know that you can now view and download the latest and previous copies of your MERALCO bills from the internet? This means that you can now pay your latest MERALCO bill even before the post man delivers it to your registered billing address. 

Why does it matter to me?
As the one who manages our bills, it's a very convenient way for a working class Filipino like me to get an advance copy of the bill even if I'm not living in my parents' house where the official bill print-out is delivered. This also enables me to pay for the bill on an earlier time whenever and wherever I am. I only need the exact Amount and the 16-digit ATM/Phone Ref. No. of the latest bill and then I can easily pay it via G-Cash or via BPI Expressonline

How about you? 
If you also want to access your bills online, you need to register first your account to the e-MERALCO Bill customer service's online portal called MERALCO e-Services which you can access from this Link.

To Register, simply follow the steps below:

21 June 2017


How to Pay MERALCO Bill using G-Cash?

Did you know that you can easily pay your MERALCO Bill using G-Cash? Bills Payment using G-cash has been working since 2008 and there are lots of blogs already written about it since its inception. However, I still see some of my friends rushing to the nearest payment centers only to pay their MERALCO Bill during the payment deadline and I think paying their bill using G-cash can be a good alternative. I wrote this blog for my friends and readers who are still not aware that there is an easier way to pay MERALCO bill and it can be done without going out of the house and can also be done even without using the internet. It can really save you time and energy. Try it! 

The are 3 ways on how you can pay your MERALCO Bill using GCash.

17 June 2017

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5 Reasons Why Sony's Extra Bass Line-Up is Perfect for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Audiophile or not, techie or not, I think every Juan deserves to have a perfect device that he could carry around, place anywhere he wants and that could give him the best quality of music when he plays his favorite tunes, tracks, beats & mixes anytime, anywhere.

Music is everywhere and we all know about it. It comes in different styles, types and genres. The most notable of which is the type of music called E.D.M. also known as Electronic Dance Music. Personally, I prefer E.D.M. over other music genres in most occasions because of its upbeat style complemented by bass which comes in various level of intensity. It can easily stimulate my mood and it can get me moving instantly. It almost have the same boosting effect like when I drink my favorite coffee. :) :)