30 June 2017

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the iconic iPhone!

First released iPhone in 2007
The iPhone is arguably one of the most famous smartphones in the market for the last ten years and it remains popular among all types of people up to this date. Today, June 29, 2017 is the exact 10th year since the original iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007. Upon its initial release, the iPhone was seen by many as the most advanced digital device of the day. Compare to other smartphone models during that day, iPhone 2G had the massive and  highest resolution screen and has the most processing power for a mobile phone.

28 June 2017

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How to download and install iOS 11 Public Beta 1 the Tokitechie way?

The iOS 11 is just around the corner and while developers make their best efforts to iron out the software issues, you have two options: either do nothing and wait until iOS 11 reaches its official release date in September Keynote or join the bandwagon and download the pre-released iOS 11 beta updates via Apple Beta Software Program. It will allow you to see iOS 11 in action and experience its features before it goes public. By installing the iOS 11 beta updates, you are actually helping the developers trace the "bugs" that causes iOS instability by automatically sending diagnostic data from your device or by manually sending feedback via Feedback Assistant App.

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Rumored iPhone 8 prototype now circulating the tech world!

The Iphone  8 Front & Back Glass Body| Image credit: iDrop News
We are now approaching the official announcement and release date of the upcoming iPhone models and I am already seeing a lot of blogs and news reports about the speculations for the possible design and technical specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8.

27 June 2017

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iOS 11 Public Beta 1 is now available for download!

iOS 11 (Developer Beta 2) Public Beta 1 Now Available

My first blog about iOS beta was posted 3 years ago and it was the iOS 8. Now that Apple reached the 11th version of iOS, my interest in trying out the famous mobile operating system in its beta stage remains the same. I still feel gratified just like the old days. 

25 June 2017

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How to setup a custom domain for Blogger blog in 2017 with Godaddy for the first time?

I recently bought a custom domain name from Godaddy.com for my Blogger blog to drop the blogspot sub-domain and successfully redirected traffic from my old blog address to the new address without any problem. I bought the domain name in June 22nd, 2017 and three days after redirecting the traffic from my previous blogspot.com host to the new domain name, I still haven't been experiencing any down times and problems to my blog. 

When you purchase a custom domain name from Godaddy.com, they assign DNS Records (A record and CNAME record) to the domain. You will use these records to set-up your new website. If you're blogging using Blogger, the default A record and CNAME records provided by Godaddy.com cannot be used so you will have to change it or delete it and create a new one.

Here are the steps on how to setup a custom domain for your Blogger blog with Godaddy.com for the first time:

22 June 2017


How to view and download your e-MERALCO Bill from the internet?

View Meralco Bill Online
Did you know that you can now view and download the latest and previous copies of your MERALCO bills from the internet? This means that you can now pay your latest MERALCO bill even before the post man delivers it to your registered billing address. 

Why does it matter to me?
As the one who manages our bills, it's a very convenient way for a working class Filipino like me to get an advance copy of the bill even if I'm not living in my parents' house where the official bill print-out is delivered. This also enables me to pay for the bill on an earlier time whenever and wherever I am. I only need the exact Amount and the 16-digit ATM/Phone Ref. No. of the latest bill and then I can easily pay it via G-Cash or via BPI Expressonline

How about you? 
If you also want to access your bills online, you need to register first your account to the e-MERALCO Bill customer service's online portal called MERALCO e-Services which you can access from this Link.

To Register, simply follow the steps below:

21 June 2017


How to Pay MERALCO Bill using G-Cash?

Did you know that you can easily pay your MERALCO Bill using G-Cash? Bills Payment using G-cash has been working since 2008 and there are lots of blogs already written about it since its inception. However, I still see some of my friends rushing to the nearest payment centers only to pay their MERALCO Bill during the payment deadline and I think paying their bill using G-cash can be a good alternative. I wrote this blog for my friends and readers who are still not aware that there is an easier way to pay MERALCO bill and it can be done without going out of the house and can also be done even without using the internet. It can really save you time and energy. Try it! 

The are 3 ways on how you can pay your MERALCO Bill using GCash.

17 June 2017

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5 Reasons Why Sony's Extra Bass Line-Up is Perfect for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Audiophile or not, techie or not, I think every Juan deserves to have a perfect device that he could carry around, place anywhere he wants and that could give him the best quality of music when he plays his favorite tunes, tracks, beats & mixes anytime, anywhere.

Music is everywhere and we all know about it. It comes in different styles, types and genres. The most notable of which is the type of music called E.D.M. also known as Electronic Dance Music. Personally, I prefer E.D.M. over other music genres in most occasions because of its upbeat style complemented by bass which comes in various level of intensity. It can easily stimulate my mood and it can get me moving instantly. It almost have the same boosting effect like when I drink my favorite coffee. :) :)