iOS 11 Public Beta 1 Known Issues

iOS 11 Public Beta 1 known bugs

It's really tempting to try the new iOS 11 via Public Beta 1 because of the hype that's currently buzzing around the online tech community. Not only did it get my attention but I was also stunned how the upcoming version of iOS for supported iOS devices [especially for the iPad] has matured and evolved into a handsome multi-functional smart OS. The new features packed inside iOS 11 are worth waiting for as the official release is expected to be in the fourth quarter of this year. But if you can't wait until September, you can just install it in your iDevice right now to see it live in action. I know you're excited too but before you hit that Download and Install button, you need to be reminded of the known bugs [software issues and OS instability] that has already been discovered while testing the first beta version of iOS 11.

Here is a short list of software issues that I've experienced using iOS 11 Public Beta 1 in my iPhone 7 so far:
  • Battery issue- this is a classic issue in iOS betas not just in iOS 11. My phone heats up easily and it quickly discharges battery even if I am not using it.
  • WiFi hotspot won't work as usual. This is a classic bug I observed in all betas I've tested so far.
  • I can no longer pair my portable speakers to my iPhone using Bluetooth.
  • Tried sending photos using Airdrop but it didn't work. Maybe because of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues.
  • The App Switcher is apparently buggy as it stutters when scrolling left to right and vice versa.
  • When swiping up to close an app, the app bounces back and it won't close. I needed to try closing it several times just to close it successfully.
  • The 3D Touch sometimes stops working and not responding.
  • App freezes when saving files to iCloud Drive using "Save to Files" function.
  • Can't use Fleksy keyboard flawlessly. Sometimes it just freezes and it's annoying.
  • Can't use iMessage sync. It just doesn't work.
  • Appstore app crashes but i like the new Appstore interface.
  • Notifications on the mail app won't show up properly.
  • Weather app is buggy. It won't show me the Sunset time.
  • The Feedback Assistant app crashes. Can't open it since day one of having iOS 11 even after resetting the device.
  • Can't use iTunes ringtones. Not so important but maybe for some users it matters.
  • The haptic feedback is very sharp. It doesn't feel right.
  • Photos app crashed several times.
  • My iPhone resets multiple times in a day.
I was actually stuck in a boot loop when I first installed the iOS 11 Beta 1 developer version to my old iPad Air prior to the release of public beta 1 but this time it looks like the boot loop bug has been fixed already. I wasn't the only one who got stuck to that booting issue and it was a known bug after several reports sent to Apple. It was also discovered when it was published by other iOS 11 beta testers and bloggers. 

Getting caught in a boot loop was very uncomfortable for me and it's a little bit time consuming. On the positive side, I was able to recover my iPad by simply reinstalling iOS 10.3.2 ipsw [How?]. This time, I installed iOS 11 Public Beta 1 to my iPhone and I ensured that the battery is fully (100%) charged so that I would have enough juice for a quick test. Since it's only Beta 1, I have no plans on keeping it to my daily driver (iPhone) because it's obviously unreliable at this early point of time. I will just wait for the Gold Master (GM) version to ensure that the iOS 11 is stable enough to be used as my daily driver. But for some of my iOS devices like the older iPad Air, I think I will continue to install iOS 11 beta after beta until it reach its final version. I just want to see how the features evolve and how the iOS stabilize after series of beta testing.

I have no regrets trying out the iOS 11 on its first beta stage. Obviously, I had a lot of fun. How about you? Would you dare to try it too? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

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