iOS 11 Public Beta 2 [Bug]: Screen Recording Not Working

I have been playing around with iOS 11 Public Beta 2 on my iPad Air First Gen for quite some time and i noticed some obvious improvements compare to the previous beta. The device is snappier, the connection problems were fixed, battery life is improved and the overall iOS stability is satisfactory. However, there is one feature that annoys me and it seems to be not working whatever setting adjustments I do on my iPad Air First Gen: the Screen Recording.
iOS 11 Screen Recording and Screen Broadcasting
The Screen Recording feature seems to work at first. But when I turned it on for the second time from the control center, it was no longer functioning. I noticed that when I tapped on the new "Start Broadcast" button, it activates the Screen Recording but it just activates and doesn't do its intended function. And because it's supposed to stream everything I do on my iPad's screen, it apparently doesn't do anything neither does it keep a copy of the recording. There is a blue bar on top of the screen which indicates that the screen recording is in progress and when I stopped it, it was supposed to save a video file of the recording but it didn't. There is no "Save to Photo App" notification which is suppose to confirm that a video file of the screen recording was created.
iOS 11 Screen Recording Bug on iPad Air 1
A blue bar on top of the screen which indicates that the screen recording is on going.
I understand iOS 11 is still in its early beta stage so it's a given that some features really don't work just yet. The Screen Recording feature is one of the features that I am so eager to try. This feature can help me show the screen of my device on my next blog posts so you will see iOS 11 in action from a video recording.

I tried anything to make it work but when I thought I was already on a dead end, I stopped and eventually conceded. Here are the workarounds i did to try to enable the Screen Recording feature but to no avail, didn't work out as expected:

1. I enabled screen recording from Settings > Control Center > Customize Control and tapped the green plus icon on the left of "Screen Recording". Doing this would make the screen recording button appear in the Control Center. I redid it thrice, it let me record the screen but no videos were saved.

2. I went to Settings > General > Restrictions > Game Center and turned off screen recording. I Restarted my device and turned it on again. I tried recording again from the control center, the recording has started and when it was finished, no video was saved.

3. I reset all settings of my device, tried recording and didn't find any success doing it.

4. I hard reset the device, the problem still do exists.

I am not sure if this bug is present on other devices as well but one thing is certain: it just doesn't work on my iPad Air. I have sent a feedback about this [using the Feedback Assitant App] and I'm looking forward for the iOS Beta 4 [iOS Public Beta 3] hoping that this would be fixed as soon as possible.

How about you? Were you able to enable Screen Recording on your iPad Air First Gen and/or other iOS Device(s)? Let me know by dropping a comment on the comment box below.

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