Netflix Originals: Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may have come across this hit series entitled "Stranger Things". The first time I saw it, I had an instant connection with the characters and because I love weird things like time travel, parallel universe [multiverse] theory, conspiracy theories about aliens and space, the Montauk Project and Area 51; I was instantly hooked up by this film series and I certainly became a fan while watching it!
Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere

The first season of Stranger Things has eight (8) episodes and I binge watched it for five days. I think the discipline of watching it every day adds excitement to the thrilling experience. Though I can finish it in two to three days, I preferred watching one to two episodes per day so I could still do other things like blogging. I am not going to talk more about it in this post because there are right blog sources that talks about the specifics of the series. Just google any movie blogs and it will give you fair and just review of first season of this series. I only wanted to share how excited I am for the premiere of its second season.

As Netflix US announced in its official twitter account, Stranger Things Season 2 will premiere in the US before Halloween. I am not quite sure if it will become available in the Philippines the same day in the US because most of the time, it takes a few months before the new Netflix Original series are distributed to other countries including Philippines. I just wish, in behalf of all Filipino fans, that Stranger Things Season 2 should be streamed by Netflix PH on same day it premieres in the United States.

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