First Metro Sec Pro Overview

Recently, First Metro Securities upgraded its trading platform to FirstMetroSec PRO and it now can be accessed by qualified clients if they meet the following requirements:

  • Trade a cumulative amount of at least PhP 200,000 (buying or selling) within the month or maintain a mutual fund/stock portfolio of at least PhP 1 million
  • You will be informed via email once eligible for PRO
  • PRO access is valid for 3 months and will be automatically renewed while criteria are met.
The FirstMetroSec PRO can be accessed via which means that there are two running trading platforms that serve FirstMetrosec's clients depending on the cumulative amount of their mutual fund subscription or stocks portfolio. If you're a qualified PRO client, you can access both platforms and maximize your trading experience using the upgrade FirstMetroSec PRO platform.

Fast Execution of Trades
As traders, we want fast trading platform that can handle high volatility within a corresponding high volume of trades for a particular stock. Most of the popular trading platforms fall victim to this issue and many traders get frustrated for missed opportunity due to lags experienced by their online trading accounts. Using FirstMetroSec Pro for almost a week now, I haven't experienced any critical lags which is a good thing because it is a proof that First Metro Sec Pro really serves its main purpose: to execute trades fast.

Fast and User-friendly Interface
Similar to the old interface, FirstMetroSec Pro remains committed to a simple yet fast user interface. But this time, elegance is added to the previously simple interface; thanks to FirstMetroSec webmasters for adding grey and black themes. I  always find the black theme elegant especially when I open my account on a device with OLED screen.

These are the new/upgraded features available to FirstMetroSec PRO:

a) Revamped Index Report

b) Multiple Bid Ask Table

c) Updated Sidebar and Ticker Bar

d) Portfolio

e) Research

f) Chart

g) News

h) Stocks Info

For more information about FirstMetroSec Pro, contact FMS Customerservice at

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