About the Blog's Content
#TokiTechie's Blog started as an iOS-centered blog. It is now a blog about technology & innovation which [of course] includes mobile operating systems (i.e. iOS). It also talks about trending tech news as well as Toki Angelo's personal views, opinions and reviews of various tech products & services.

While the tech industry is always changing and always provides you with good reason to be apprehensive with regards to the changes that it brings, TokiTechie's Blog aims to give you the relevant information that you need in order to be up to date.

About the Blogger
#TokiTechie’s Blog is a personal blog of Toki Angelo. He started this blog in June 2014 to make the most out of his free time. He is a registered Civil Engineer by profession and he pursues blogging about technology as a hobby and passion. Due to his passion in technology, he decided to put up this blog to share his enthusiasm, views, thoughts and opinions about various tech products and services that he finds interesting and relevant.

Toki Angelo believes in hard work and he considers himself a result-oriented person thus he write blog posts during his free time. He wants his free time to be used in any productive way possible. For him, blogging is a great way to explore the tech world.

Updated: July 19, 2017